Special thanks to Eureka for extending this food review invitation.

Subsequent to the first kiosk in Gurney Plaza, Eureka Snack Bar has opened a second outlet in Queensbay Mall. Eureka specializes in premium-grade popcorn with around 10 different flavors to choose from.
Popular choices for Eureka Popcorn are Original and Caramel. Cheese, Sweet Tomato, Dark Chocolate, Curry and Seaweed are also available for more adventurous folks. The flavors cover nearly all corners of salty, sweet, spicy and sour sensations. Personally, my favorites are Original, Caramel, Sweet Tomato and Curry. In particular, the Sweet Tomato variant has unique tangy aftertaste which only appears after the savory-sourness flavor has sunk in.
Eureka Popcorn is available in vacuum packs (RM12.90) of approximately 140 grams. There is a resealable zip to keep the packaging air-tight after opening. However, it is highly unlikely that you will want to stop halfway once you open a pack. First-time customers may consider to buy a pack of Classic Mix (RM14.90), which is a mixture of Caramel, Cheese and Sweet Tomato popcorns.
Alternatively, Eureka Popcorn is also available in a can (RM8.40) of approximately 70 grams. Butter Caramel (RM14.80) is available in a can but not in vacuum pack form.
Apart from popcorn, Eureka also has a line of Veganic Taro Chips (ウェガニックタロチップス, RM9.90). Each packet has 50 grams of roasted taro chips. There are 3 types of flavors to choose from: Classic Original, Irish Cheddar and Mediterranean Sea Salt.
Last but not least, Pop Rock Chocolate (RM21.50) is available in small vacuum-sealed jars of 150 grams. The chocolates are meant to be eaten directly like candy.
There are several flavors for Pop Rock Chocolate, such as Orange Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.
Eureka uses premium grade ingredients for its products, which explains the pricing structure. Most products are manufactured in industrial-grade kitchens in Kuala Lumpur. This is for food safety and hygienic reasons.

Name: Eureka Snack Bar
Address: LG-103, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-638-0396
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.33372 N, 100.30663 E
Directions: Eureka is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Queensbay Mall, just outside Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage. Queensbay Mall has a multilevel parking garage and several outdoor parking spaces.

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