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Special thanks to Food Express for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

To serve people without the means or the time to travel outside for meals, food delivery service is certainly handy. Food Express is one such company which operates within Butterworth (post codes: 12000, 12100, 12200, 12300, 13000, 13400), Permatang Pauh (13500), Seberang Perai (13600, 13700) and Sungai Dua (13800).
Food Express provides a wide range of food to choose from, such as local delights, Chinese, Western, Japanese and Malay food. Snacks, desserts and drinks are also available. Delivery fee of RM2.50 is levied for each order (minimum order is RM20.00), but this fee is waived for orders above RM100.00.
The online ordering system is very easy to use. Simply enter your post code, select your meal of choice and your preferred delivery window. Most meals allows some kind of customization such as less sugar or no ice. Make the payment using a credit card or online bank transfer, then sit back while your warm meal is being prepared and delivered to your doorstep! Because no cash payment is required upon delivery, Food Express is also great for delivering food to children or the elderly.

One of Food Express' many dishes is Salmon Fish Rice + Fried Egg (三文鱼+煎蛋, RM16.50). Seasoned with Thousand Island dressing, a slice of salmon cutlet is served alongside a heap of rice and fried egg.
Another interesting meal is Rosemary Perch & Bacon (RM19.90). Grilled fillets are wrapped with delectable bacon, then served with tomato purée with rosemary leaves. Fries and salad are provided on the side.
For something lighter on the stomach, the Assorted Sushi Box (什锦寿司盒, RM13.00) is a good way to sample different types of sushi. The box includes crowd favorites such as tamago (たまご), unagi (うなぎ) and inari (稲荷).
Meanwhile for desserts, treat yourself to a hearty bowl of tong sui (糖水) like Beancurd With Ginkgo, Barli & White Fungus Soup (腐竹白果薏米银耳甜汤, RM3.50). The level of sweetness is just right for me, but it can be adjusted according to each customer's preference.
Food Express' service is available daily except Sundays. Nevertheless, its 24-hour website allows you to place an order ahead of time. Should you need to make recurring orders over a period of time, call its hotline (04-313-4012) to get a special quotation.

Name: Food Express
Address: Butterworth (post codes: 12000, 12100, 12200, 12300, 13000, 13400), Permatang Pauh (13500), Seberang Perai (13600, 13700), Sungai Dua (13800)
Contact: 04-313-4012
Business hours: 12:00pm-2:00pm, 3:00pm-5:00pm, 7:00pm-9:00pm, closed on Sundays
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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