Hainan Curry Rice

Hainan Curry Rice (海南咖哩饭) is a roadside stall in Klang's old town district. It is located near the now-defunct Cathay cinema that used to be the hottest spot in town.
Although the glorious days are long gone, this part of Klang still retains its nostalgic charm. As one of the few stalls still selling Hainan Curry Rice (海南咖哩饭, RM1.20), it is only fair that we give this stall a try. Made from tomato and chili sauce, the sweet gravy is simply drenched on white rice.
As for side dishes, Tau Kee (豆支, RM1.50) is most recommended. Sheets of dried tofu are stuffed with delectable minced pork.
Soy Egg (卤蛋, RM1.00) also helps to take advantage of the savory gravy that it is served with.
We ordered a bowl of Pickled Vegetable Soup (咸菜汤, RM5.00). The sourness of the soup comes from pickled mustard.
In the soup are succulent pork intestines (猪肠) and coagulated pig blood (猪血). Overall, the soup is quite soothing to the throat but it can certainly use stronger pork flavor.
Address: Jalan Sena, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 016-298-1890
Business hours: 6:30am-12:30pm


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