Shin Lok Kopitiam

Originating in Jeram, Kedai Kopi Shin Lok (新乐茶室) is well-known for its Yam Puff and Vege Pau. The Klang branch of this coffee shop is located at the old town district.
Each morning, a fresh batch of wares is transported from Jeram. The Klang outlet is only responsible for steaming the food. As most preparation is done at a central location, the taste of food here is said to be identical to the original outlet.
Yam Puff (芋角, RM1.80) at Shin Lok Kopitiam is scrumptious indeed. The delicate crisp is easy on the mouth, unlike the sharp crisp like those from other stalls. Each piece of Yam Puff is filled with minced chicken and green peas in savory gravy.
Vege Pau (菜包, RM1.70) is one of the many baozi (包子) which the coffee shop offers. The bread is extremely soft and fluffy, while the interior contains jicama (sengkuang) and hard-boiled egg. Despite having eaten several pieces, the Vege Pau does not feel surfeiting.
For drinks, we ordered Kopi C (RM1.60) and Kopi O (RM1.40), which is Malaysian lingo for black coffee and coffee with evaporated milk respectively. Unfortunately, the coffee is unpleasantly sour in my opinion. I think the choice of coffee beans should be reconsidered.
Address: 17, Jalan Gopeng, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 03-3342-3833
Business hours: 7:30am-5:00pm, closed on Tuesdays


  1. Hi good day, my name is Rain and I'm the person in charge of Shin Lok Kopitiam, just went through your article from somebody shared on FB, we are very grateful for your sharing and comments, thank you very much. We feel apologized for the sour coffee that had serving to you and we will circumspection our coffee quality as you mentioned and we always keep customer's comment to help us improve. About the article above regarding yam puff filling, it is actually the minced "chicken" but not pork because we're a pork free restaurant same as the headquarter from Kuala Selangor. Just hope that dear sir/madam will help to amend the word from the article above in case there is more readers might get the misapprehensions ;-) Again thank you very much for taking so much time to make this introduction to our shop in this blog, and I like to invite you to visit my shop again for free coffee tasting, and either than coffee and pau we have several signature food to introduce to you too. Please don't feel hesitate to contact me 0122061381 Miss Bu. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Rain, thank you for clarifying. I have made the correction. :-)