Jiao Sai

Some restaurants gain attention by giving themselves ridiculous names. A good example is Restoran Yunus Khan Jiao Sai at Lorong Abu Siti. "Jiao Sai" means "bird droppings" (鸟粪) in Hokkien dialect. To further emphasize this disgusting name, there are even images of bird droppings on the restaurant's signboard!
Jiao Sai serves Indomie-brand fried noodles. Even the condiments are from Indomie. For instance, the Tomyam Goreng (RM6.00) has sweet-spicy tom yum seasoning. The instant noodle is served with fried chicken and fried egg. The chicken chunks are way overcooked.
Teh Tarik (RM2.00) is excessively sweet but I am not surprised at all. Anyway, avoid any drinks here if you are watching your calorie intake.
Jiao Sai opens late as it caters to night owls. I am not particularly impressed by the food here; I am here just out of sheer curiosity.

Address: 702-G3, Jalan Abu Siti, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 013-431-9384
Business hours: 5:00pm-4:00am, closed on alternate Sundays

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