Restoran Shuang Ling

Each neighborhood has a handful of restaurants that are inexplicably popular among locals, but is not particularly well-known to outsiders. At Setapak, Restoran Shuang Ling (双林茶餐室) is one such example.
Among the handful of stalls in this eatery, my favorite dish above all is Curry Mee (咖哩面, RM5.50). Prepared from scratch, the curry's aroma and taste feels genuine. Instead of being outright spicy, the curry has several facets of appetizing flavors.
The best type of noodles to go with Curry Mee is yellow noodles (黄面). Two prominently large pieces of fish balls (鱼丸) are included, which I find delectable indeed. Meanwhile, tofu puffs (豆腐卜) are quite enjoyable as they readily soak up curry goodness. Other minor ingredients are cockles (血蚶), bean sprouts (豆芽) and chopped scallion (葱头).
Also from the same stall is a bowl of Fish Head Noodles (鱼头米粉, RM6.00). The soup is pleasantly milky and agreeable with my palate. Thick rice vermicelli (粗米粉) usually works best with this soup.
A key ingredient in this dish is deep-fried fish. I feel that the fish pieces are way too small, which makes it difficult to enjoy the taste of fish itself. Personally, I would have preferred fresh fish as opposed to fried ones.
Address: 34, Jalan 9/23A Off Jalan Usahawan, 53200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: N/A
Business hours: 8:00am-9:00pm

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