Special thanks to Subi and Jar Creations for extending this product review invitation.

Subi is a new line of frozen products manufactured by Golden Fresh, a seafood processing specialist based in Butterworth. Subi's products are distributed by Pacific West Foods, the same company which also carries premium seafood product such as Fish Fillets, Salmon Goujon and Salmon Burger.
Seafood used by Subi is sourced from the Atlantic Ocean and Australia. Fish and other catch are frozen immediately to retain their nutritional contents. In addition, Subi supports sustainable fishing practices to ensure seafood availability in generations to come.
At its processing plant in Butterworth, seafood is cut and battered, then vacuum-sealed in packs of 400 grams each. The recipes are tailored to suit the local palate. All Subi products are halal-certified and HACCP-compliant.
Today's preview covers three squid-based products: Squid Chips (RM13.79), Spicy Squid Bites (RM12.59) and Crunchy Spiced Squid (RM14.85). In most cases, food can be prepared by deep-frying, air-frying or by toasting in a convection oven. Ready to eat within 10 minutes after coming out of the freezer, these products are very convenient for people with limited time or kitchen utensils to prepare food.
Subi's products are available at major supermarkets such as Giant, Sunshine, Aeon Big and The Store Pacific. Other similar products are Tempura Fish Bites, Tempura White Fillet and Crunchy Spiced Prawn.
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Contact: 1-800-888-389
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  1. Saw this the other day in the supermarket. How did they taste like?

    1. Some of the flavors are spicy - just right for most Malaysians. :-)

  2. I think Subi is really very nice and fantastic product. It's taste awesome. Beside this I got some more information. Thanks for sharing it with us.