Sunny Garden

Sunny Garden (三合园) is a Chinese-Muslim restaurant at PV128, Setapak. The restaurant is technically not halal-certified per se, but it sources ingredients from halal-certified suppliers.
One of the signature items here is Fried Sam Xin Chicken Dumplings (鸡肉三鲜馅饺子冰花煎, RM18.00). 18 pieces of dumplings are deep-fried and presented in the shape of a flower. The dumplings contain minced chicken and garlic chives (韭菜). The overall taste is quite enjoyable.
Another recommended dish is Braised Chicken Kuan Xin Noodles (黄焖鸡宽心面, RM9.00). Prepared in the kitchen, the noodle has a springy mouthfeel that goes well with the soup.
As for red meats, go for a bowl of Mutton Vermicelli (羊肉米粉, RM10.00). I love the rich soup and succulent chunks of mutton inside. Rice vermicelli soaks up the soup after a while, so it is better to consume this dish as quickly as possible.
Mutton Rice (羊肉米饭, RM12.80) consists of a heap of rice, mutton and steamed cabbage. The mutton is reasonably tender but lacks exciting flavors. This rice dish comes with a hot bowl of soup.
Sunny Garden provides free flow of drinks like hawthorn water (山楂水), lemonade (柠檬水) and barley tea (大麦茶). The drinks are self-service though.
The taste of most dishes at Sunny Garden exceeds our expectation. The pricing is also reasonably affordable given the quality and serving size. I recommend this Chinese-Muslim restaurant especially to Muslims who wish to try mainstream Chinese cooking.

Address: G-06, PV128, 128, Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 016-370-6356
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm