Brown Poodle

Brown Poodle is a vegetarian eatery at the residential area behind Midlands 1-Stop. The restaurant is operated by the Starz Band, whose music academy is located upstairs.
Like many vegetarian restaurants, Brown Poodle is operated by vegetarians themselves. The concept of this café was inspired by their pet poodle who is also vegetarian since birth.
Brown Poodle's menu consists of vegetarian burgers, grilled meat and rice dishes. Meat analogue (素肉) here is a made from soy pulp (豆渣) instead of the usual gluten (面筋). Several dishes contain dairy products like butter and cheese, but vegan options are also available.
My choice for lunch is Brown Poodle Burger Platter (RM22.90) which includes soup and drink.

Today's soup is tomato soup. Made from fresh tomatoes in the kitchen, the sweet-tangy sensation tantalizes the palate and helps to draw appetite. Croutons are also included to improve mouthfeel.
Made from soy pulp, the burger's patty has interesting texture and taste for a change. Also included is a slice of cheese, lettuce, ground herbs and a copious amount of dressing. I think the latter's quantity is slightly overboard.
The patty is sandwiched between two halves of a bagel that is sprinkled with poppy seeds. The bagel is crispy all the way through the interior. Personally, I prefer to reserve some doughy texture at the center.

On the side is a cup of fresh vegetable salad with light dressing. I like the subtle flavor of this dressing.
The platter includes a generous serving of fries with a sprinkle of herbs. While a few pieces of fries are nice, the amount served may be excessive in the absence of some kind of sauce. Perhaps some kind of vinaigrette would help.
The drink which comes with the set meal is either Americano or Green Tea. This can be upgraded to Hot Latte for RM3.00 more. The cup of latte contains double ristretto shots and includes a piece of butter cookie.
Address: 80, Persiaran Midlands, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-428-2812
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm (Monday-Friday), 10:00am-5:00pm (Saturday-Sunday), closed on Wednesdays and public holidays

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