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Special thanks to Cha Yen for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Besides the outlet at Armenian Street (Lebuh Armenian), Cha Yen (ชาเย็น) has opened a new outlet at i-Avenue.
This new outlet provides café-style ambience without changing the menu price. According to the proprietor, the intention is to create a place where allow customers can hang out and enjoy their drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
The drinks menu contains more items than before. New ones like Oliang Yen (โอเลี้ยงเย็น) and Cha Manāw Yen (ชามะนาวเย็น) also make their debut. All drinks are served iced, but there are hot version too.
To keep the taste of drinks as faithful as those sold in Thailand, all ingredients like coffee, tea and chocolate are imported. This also applies to evaporated milk for drinks that require creamer, such as Cha Yen (ชาเย็น).
The same can be said for fruit syrups. The café carries a handful of different flavors like apple, grape and blueberry.
Cafae Yen (กาแฟเย็น, RM5.50) is Thailand's very own iced coffee drink. Like the original stall, this outlet also takes advantage of an espresso machine to speed up the brewing process.
The café has a simple food menu to go with drinks. Nasi Lemak (RM2.50) is prepared by a home-based supplier. Both mackerel and anchovy types are available.
Meanwhile, the basket of Thai Tea Kaya & Toast (RM4.20) is certainly recommended. Hainanese bread is toasted and cut into thick slices. At the side is a saucer of homemade kaya (coconut jam) of unparalleled enjoyment.
The kaya carries a unique sense of sweetness that goes very well with bread. So well that I finished it the last drop! When held near the nose, the kaya carries sweet-smelling aroma vaguely reminiscent of tea leaves. If you are a fan of kaya, be sure not to miss this lovely snack!
Cha Yen works in partnership with Mama-Miya, which also has a presence at Cannon Street (Lebuh Cannon) near Armenian Street. Mama-Miya specializes in coconut ice cream, which is also served in a coconut shell.
Name: Cha Yen (ชาเย็น)
Address: 1-1-53, Medan Kampung Relau 1, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 017-441-0041
Business hours: 9:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.33332 N, 100.29368 E
Directions: Cha Yen is located at i-Avenue, just several shops away from Scotiabank. Street parking is available in front of the shop.

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