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Special thanks to Sri Sawadee for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Since the rebranding of Sri Sawadee as a trendy Thai-fusion eatery, this restaurant at Jalan Sri Bahari has recently incorporated a café menu as well. While the recent weather condition makes al fresco dining impractical, the indoor dining hall is still very cozy despite the blazing sun outside.
Upon stepping into the restaurant, the aromatic scent of pandan permeates the entire dining hall. I like the creative use of simmering pandan water to induce a unique sense of tranquility.
Since my previous visit which was rewarding indeed, Sri Sawadee has consolidated its food menu in consideration of customer feedback. Most dishes on the menu are the result of assimilating Thai delicacies with elements from Western or other Oriental cuisine. A professional chef has been commissioned to create the restaurant's menu.
If you are looking for a sampler platter of Sri Sawadee's finest delicacies, Moo Ping Wrap & Roll (RM17.90) is a sound choice. This appetizer consists of several delectable finger food that can be shared around the table.
The grilled pork (หมูปิ้ง) on skewers is nicely marinated and is bursting with savory flavors. At the side is a piece of deep-fried lemongrass (ตะไคร้) fritter. Thais customarily chew lemongrass to enjoy soothing sensation on the palate. Meanwhile, nam phrik phao (น้ำพริกเผา) is sweet chili sauce which serves as a dip.
Also included with this dish is grilled pork wrapped in Hispanic-style tortilla wrap. Besides pork, flour tortilla also contains chopped fresh vegetables and a special blend of salad dressing.
One of the most impressive dishes today is Chic Massaman Curry (RM17.90). As a Persian-inspired curry, Massaman (มัสมั่น) uses distinctively different spices compared to mainstream Thai curries. I love the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and savory flavors expressed within its milky consistency.
Besides chicken, the Chic Massaman Curry also includes potatoes and cashew nuts to allow more balanced flavor. A heap of turmeric rice (ข้าวหุงขมิ้น) is provided on the side. Rice should be enjoyed while warm; otherwise the grains become too sticky and rigid when cooled.
Next on the line is Snow Cod Fish Pad Thai (RM23.90). The soup carries reasonably sharp spiciness, with another dimension of moderate sourness on the tongue. Pad thai (ผัดไทย), a popular type of flat rice noodles in Thailand, is used to take advantage of the lovely formulated soup.
The spotlight of this dish is the scrumptious slice of snow cod, also known as Alaska Pollock. Tender and bestowed with natural sweetness, the snow cod is gratifying indeed. Chicken and cherry tomatoes are also present in this dish, but they are relegated to secondary role in the overall enjoyment.
Soft Shell Crab Thai Aglio Olio (RM19.90) is the outcome of 3-way fusion of Italian pasta, Japanese seafood and Thai-style seasoning. Naturally, the highlight of this dish is the soft-shell crab (ปูเปลือกนุ่ม). The crab is deep-fried to delightful crisp, such that it can be eaten entirely.
Despite the use of spices, the spaghetti is mildly spicy relative to traditional Thai dishes. Therefore, I think this is a great dish for children.
In the café department, Sri Sawadee's cakes are specially sourced from home bakeries. To maintain freshness, only a handful of cakes are available at any point of time. The cakes are typically sold by the slice.

Drunk On Love (RM16.00) is a layered sponge cake with subtle infusion of whisky and salted caramel. As if the lovely aroma of alcohol isn't enough, the cake is coated chocolate icing for good measure.
If you are more of a cheesecake person, the Evergreen (RM15.00) should appeal to your palate. Using cookie crumble as the base, the moderately dense cheesecake is flavored with pandan juice. The cake is topped with crushed nuts and grated coconut kernel. A syringe containing gula melaka (palm sugar) is provided. I think the cake is sufficiently sweet on its own, so the addition of gula melaka is more for the aroma.
Sri Sawadee uses Doi Chaang coffee beans that are harvested from the northern highlands of Thailand. Ground coffee is placed in a Vietnamese drip filter (cà phê phin). As hot water seeps through coffee grains, it extracts coffee essence and collects in the cup below. Apart from the regular version (RM9.90), the Salted Caramel Coffee (RM10.90) provides a different level of enjoyment.
During a hot day, Fresh Ampula Plum Juice (RM8.90) is lifesaver indeed. The juice is derived from ambarella, a tropical fruit with mild tanginess. With together with pickled plum, this drink is excellent in quenching thirst.
Sri Sawadee offers annual membership for RM10.00. Upon signing up, one is issued a RM10.00 cash voucher which can be used immediately, so the membership is essentially free! Members is also entitled to 10% discount off every meal. Not to mention birthday month discount and a different freebie every month.
Name: Sri Sawadee Thai Fusion Café (ศรีสวัสดีร้านอาหารไทยฟิวชั่น)
Address: 17, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-263-1492
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm, closed on Wednesdays
Coordinates: 5.42088 N, 100.33223 E
Directions: From either direction of Transfer Road (Jalan Transfer) turn to Jalan Sri Bahari. Sri Sawadee is approximately 150 meters ahead on the right. It is located several doors after Foong Wei Heong. Street parking is available on both sides of Jalan Sri Bahari.

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