Trio Gourmet Hut

Special thanks to Trio Gourmet Hut for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Trio Gourmet Hut is the latest addition to The One, a commercial square in Bayan Lepas with more than a dozen restaurants. Located adjacent to Ruyi Delights, Trio Gourmet Hut serves novelty snacks in a fast food setting.
The mastermind behind this eatery is Chef Linus who has worked for more than 10 years in various restaurants in Singapore. Through sheer creativity, Chef Linus crafted the three main dishes in this restaurant. The menu here is pork-free and lard-free.
The Crunchy Kono Pizza Set (RM14.50) has two versions, either with Pollo Salame Crunchy Kono Pizza or Hawaiian Crunchy Kono Pizza. The idea of cone pizza was conceived in Milan in 2004, but this snack is relatively new in Malaysia. The uniqueness of cone pizza lies in the way its cone is prepared.
Instead of folding pizza dough into the shape of a cone as I originally expected, the dough is made into conical shape using a mold. Pizza toppings (more correctly, "fillings") are sautéed briefly, then inserted to the cone and baked for around 10 minutes. This two-step baking process allows the fillings to cook properly and release their aroma.
Pollo Salame Crunchy Kono Pizza is filled with pickled gherkin (cucumber) and spicy salami, while the Hawaiian Crunchy Kono Pizza is packed with chunks of juicy pineapples. In both cases, the voids in the cone are filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. As a result, this snack is quite filling despite its unassuming appearance.
As for the Savory Amber Kreme Set (RM14.50), the main dish is a chicken patty sandwiched between two doughnuts. Known as Luther Burger in the United States, this snack was reportedly invented when the owner of a restaurant ran out of hamburger buns, therefore had to improvise with doughnuts when a customer ordered a burger.
For the Savory Herbal Chicken Amber Kreme, the herb-infused chicken patty is nicely flavored with sweet-tangy mayonnaise dressing.
In lieu of poultry, customers can also opt for the Savory Fish Fillet Amber Kreme for RM1.00 more. Made from hake, the fish fillet has delicate texture and is enjoyable with every bite. A slice of cheese and tartar sauce are included for extra flavoring.
Last but not least, Herbal Cluckz Wooster Set (RM13.90) features a serving of two chicken pieces. Marinated with various herbs, the meat is battered and then fried to golden crisp. The lovely crunch on the surface helps to seal in the natural juiciness of tender flesh underneath.
Each set menu includes one of these three signature dishes, plus two pieces of Japanese Cheese Cake and a cup of Garlic Butter Corn Kernel. The Japanese Cheese Cake is fluffy and quite similar to Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake.

Name: Trio Gourmet Hut
Address: 1-1-28, Tingkat Mahsuri, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-641-0126
Business hours: 12:00pm-9:30pm, closed on Sundays
Coordinates: 5.32825 N, 100.28441 E
Directions: From SPICE Arena, drive eastwards along Jalan Mahsuri. After D'Piazza Mall on the right, turn left to The One. Trio Gourmet Hut is one of the shops on the right. There are parking spaces in front of the shops.


  1. i have seen pizza in a cone but never try. how is it like eating one?

    1. Since the fillings are not exposed to air directly, they are moist and provide different sensation. :-)

      How about giving it a try? :-)