Special thanks to Olive Tree Hotel for extending this food review invitation.

Olive Tree Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Bayan Baru, strategically located near the SPICE Arena. A pedestrian bridge provides convenient access to Penang's largest convention center.
Constructed with environmentalism in mind, Olive Tree Hotel incorporates crucial green building features such as escalators and lights which are triggered by motion detectors.
The 228-room hotel offers 3 room sizes, which are either two single beds or a king-size bed. In addition, 20 suite units are coming to fruition too. As Olive Tree Hotel is oriented towards corporate clientele, each room is furnished with a work desk and complimentary Internet connection. Guests can also take advantage of the business center near the lobby.
As for recreation and entertainment, Olive Tree Hotel provides a well-equipped gym and well as an outdoor swimming pool. Guests who prefer to retreat to their own rooms may enjoy an extensive range of cable channels.
Due to the hotel's close proximity to Bayan Lepas industrial area, Olive Tree Hotel provides a ballroom and several conference rooms for corporate functions of any size. In particular, the Mezzanine-style ballroom provides a unique setting to take advantage of the huge LED high definition screen in front of the stage.
Located just above the lobby, Sukkah Coffee House is one of the hotel's two primary eateries; the other is Cups & Mugs. "Sukkah" is a Hebrew word for temporary huts that are erected during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Today's visit to Sukkah is to witness the preview of the hotel's Ramadhan Buffet, which is scheduled to run from 6 June 2015 to 5 July 2016.
Bubur Lambuk is an essential dish during the holy month of Ramadan. Made from mashed rice, anchovies and spices, the porridge has mushy consistency and is quite rich in flavor. During Ramadan, Bubur Lambuk is typically cooked in a large pot and is handed out to the needy.
Another Malay delicacy with Hyderabadi touch is Dum Briyani Kambing Kampung. For this dish, mutton is slowly cooked with long-grain basmati rice.
Through liberal use of several tropical spices, this rice dish carries lovely aroma which expands my appetite tremendously.
As for Kambing Masak Kurma, mutton ribs are stewed in savory paste made from nuts and coconut milk. Thanks to strong marinade and slow cooking process, the mutton becomes very tender and allows the gravy to permeate throughout its entirety.
Sukkah's Ramadan buffet also includes elements of Middle East cuisine, reflected in a dish of Kari Ayam Arab. Using black and green olives to add flavor to chicken, this Arabic curry is not nearly as spicy as its Indian counterpart. However, I feel that the level of saltiness needs to be reduced somewhat.
Dalca Kambing is a mutton specialty from Hyderabad, India. The gravy is made from a number of flavorful spices from the Indian subcontinent such as tamarind. The creamy gravy provides a unique sense of appeal which works well with mutton.
On the seafood front, Sambal Tumis Sotong is essentially squid sautéed with spicy chili paste. Cooked to the right level of doneness, the squid becomes perfectly tender and gratifying indeed.
Meanwhile, Ikan Siakap Bakar is grilled with light crisp on the surface while the flesh remains firm. Barramundi is known for its flavorful flesh which is enjoyable on its own.
Specially formulated as a condiment for ulam (Malay salad) is sambal belacan, a type of chili sauce with an infusion of savory shrimp paste.
Still in the marine kingdom, Udang Goreng Berempah are deep-fried shrimps that are seasoned with local spices.
Seasoned with red chili powder, Ayam Tandoori is instantly recognizable from its vibrant red color. Its name, however, refers to a special oven in which it is typically roasted. In addition, Sate Ayam is a unique Malaysian delicacy made from chicken marinated with turmeric, then put on skewers and barbecued over open fire.
Meanwhile, Kebab Kambing is prepared by roasting skewered mutton in an oven. This Middle Eastern dish is gaining popularity outside its native region due to its unique cooking method.
Speaking of Middle Eastern food, Hummus (حُمُّص‎) is a ubiquitous dipping sauce primarily made from chickpeas. The beans are mashed up and blended with olive oil, sesame, garlic and salt. Hummus often serves as a dip for pita flatbread.
Roti Prata is very similar to Roti Canai, but is made thicker and feels denser. Although it resembles Roti Boom, Roti Prata is softer and not quite as oily.
Murtabak (مطبق‎) was introduced by the Indian-Muslim community but has established itself within Malaysia's mainstream hawker scene. The name is a loanword from the Arabic term for "folded". Minced meat is enveloped in tossed flour dough, then pan-fried with palm oil on a griddle.
Moving on to soups, Sup Ayam Berempah is quite well-flavored. Taking advantage of flavorful spices in the region, this hearty chicken soup is satisfying to my palate.
As for desserts, Bubur Suji is very popular during Ramadan. This sweet dessert is made from semolina, milk and sugar.
The Malay kuih section is not lacking in variety too. Popular ones include Kuih Kosui Pandan, Kuih Lapis, Kuih Koci, Kuih Bingka Ubi and Pulut Tai Tai.
Today's kuih selection is just tip of the iceberg. The types of kuih during the actual Ramadan buffet is significantly more than what is available today.
There is also an assortment of fruity puddings to satiate the sweet tooth. The flavors available today are coconut, mango and honeydew.
According to the staff, Olive's Ramadhan Buffet is seen as an extension to the existing seafood buffet every weekend. Keeping the seafood theme intact, the Ramadan dinner improves upon the existing menu by including old-school dishes such traditional Malay cooking, hawker-style delicacies and ulam.
Olive's Ramadhan Buffet is priced at RM98.00+ for adult and RM50.00+ for child. There is a 10% early bird discount for bookings made before 27 May 2016.

Name: Sukkah Coffee House
Address: 76, Jalan Mahsuri, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-637-7856
Business hours: 6:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.32695 N, 100.27927 E
Directions: Olive Tree Hotel is located at Bayan Baru, just across the street from SPICE Arena. Sukkah is located at Level 1, just above a flight of elevator from the lobby. The hotel's multi-storey parking charges RM3.00 for the first hour, then RM1.00 for each subsequent hour. Parking is complimentary for hotel guests.

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