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Special thanks to Cellfii Cafe for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Although it faces the busy road between both blocks of Prangin Mall, Cellfii Cafe is often overlooked by shoppers. The name of this café plays on the fact that it is located inside a Samsung cellular phone shop.
One of the proprietors, an interior designer by profession, is responsible for the design of this café. As Cellfii Cafe only has half the space of a standard shop, the kitchen provides very limited working space for a full-blown food menu. Therefore, Cellfii Cafe features seasonal food menu which changes on regular basis.
The operators of this café are food enthusiasts themselves. The menu concept is based on homemade food that are prepared fresh, as opposed to being taken from bottles or cans. It is also important to note that the food menu at Cellfii Cafe is entirely pork-free.
There is additional dining space on top the kitchen, which is accessible via a flight of stairs on the side. Several bean bags and coffee table provide casual setting for small gatherings.
Being a coffeehouse, Cellfii Cafe has a number of caffeinated drinks in both hot and cold versions. The hot cup of Cappuccino (RM8.90) has foamy layer of steamed milk on top. Artwork is done using cocoa powder. My favorite drink, Caffe Latte (RM8.90), has the smooth consistency that I find very satisfying.
The cup of chilled Caramel Macchiato (RM10.90) is an ideal drink especially on a hot Saturday afternoon. I like the pleasant bitter aftertaste after several sips.
As for something non-caffeinated, Yuzu Yoghurt (RM11.90) is a sound choice. Yuzu (柚子) is a citrus fruit similar in appearance to grapefruit. Rather surprisingly, this yogurt drink is not as sour as I had feared. In fact, its agreeable tanginess works marvelously to my liking.
For light snacks, Cheese Baked Sausage Croissant (RM12.90) is on the menu today. The croissant is topped with cheddar cheese, and then baked together such that the latter fuses on pastry surface. The croissant's texture is light and flaky, make it quite delectable indeed. On the other hand, I feel that the sausage is rather salty. Perhaps a milder-flavored sausage works better.
Bolognese Spaghetti (RM16.90) is a pasta dish that many people are familiar with. The meat sauce is made from chicken and fresh tomatoes. One can truly feel the freshness of the sauce; it is definitely not from cans or bottles! Another interesting aspect of this dish is chicken meatballs. Soft and pleasantly flavored, this dish should be well-received by everyone including children.
For something more adventurous, Curry Carbonara (RM17.90) is an excellent choice. Linguine is the preferred pasta because its larger surface area works better with creamy carbonara sauce. Infused with tantalizing spiciness of curry spices, the carbonara sauce allows my appetite to hit the ground running. This dish includes several pieces of tom yum chicken popcorn, whose salty-spiciness I find quite scrumptious.
Next, Black Pepper Chicken (RM18.90) consists of chicken thigh and drumstick, baked to reasonable doneness so that the flesh remains juicy. The chicken is then topped with black pepper sauce that is sufficiently flavorful but does not overwhelm the chicken. Meanwhile, baked potatoes and vegetable salad are served on the side.
As for desserts, Crème Brûlée (RM10.90) is arguably the best one today. The cup of soft vanilla custard is covered with a brittle layer of caramelized sugar, followed by a fresh strawberry. It is interesting to find the custard being littered with bits of vanilla stick. This is certainly a recommended dessert to satiate your sugar craving!
Meanwhile, the Triple Chocolate Cake (RM9.90) is a 3-layer mousse cake featuring 3 different types of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The stack is further coated with a creamy layer of chocolate roux.
Finally for Sundae Cake (RM5.90), a cup-shaped chocolate cake is filled with vanilla ice cream and then topped with strawberry syrup. I feel that the chocolate cake is on the dry side. Some chocolate sauce may help to alleviate this shortcoming.
Name: Cellfii Cafe
Address: 33-G-40, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-371-4611
Business hours: 11:00am-9:30pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/cellfii
Coordinates: 5.41411 N, 100.33166 E
Directions: Cellfii Cafe is located on the Ground Floor of Prangin Mall, next to the road between both blocks of the mall. The café is halfway between Pizza Hut and Sushi King. Prangin Mall provides parking at the basement as well as multi-storey parking.

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