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Special thanks to Gurney Bay Island Seafood for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Although I missed the official launching of Gurney Bay Island Seafood on 21 May 2016, it is not long before I return to this restaurant. The restaurant's fortress-like facade stands stoically as customers march towards the entrance.
The sea-facing dining section is large indeed. With the exception of the upper floor, most aspects of the restaurants are now complete. Gurney Bay is now in the position to accommodate hundreds of customers in outdoor dining setting.
On the other hand, customers who prefer to dine indoors may take advantage of private dining rooms within the "main castle". There is no extra charge for using these rooms as long as each table spends at least RM300.00 on food.
Unlike my previous visit when the restaurant had just opened, Gurney Bay is now stocked with a plethora of live seafood. Certainly the largest of its kind in Penang, Gurney Bay even readies exotic marine creatures such as spiny lobsters (大花龙虾) and Canadian geoduck (象拔蚌).
To facilitate ordering, customers are urged to "window shop" in a large hall of water tanks. There are over 30 different types of marine creatures to choose from. A large menu on the wall provides preparation suggestions for each type of seafood. A maître d' is available to assist customers to place their orders on the spot.
Dinner service starts with an appetizer: Succulent Shrimp Rolls (香口三色明虾卷). This attractive dish features bite-size shrimp rolls served over a bed of crispy rice noodles. I really enjoy the yolky sensation of the succulent shrimp rolls.
On the side is a cocktail glass containing deep-fried pork. Tender and juicy, the pork is truly addictive in the mouth.
Meanwhile, Smoked Meat With Mixed Fruit Salad (沙律什果熏肉卷) is delectable too. Served on each spoon is stir-fried pork dressed in tangy lemon sauce. Each piece is topped with a cashew nut for enhanced aroma. At the center of the platter is a cocktail glass of diced fruit salad.
As for seafood, Signature King Prawns Curry (招牌咖哩大明虾) is served on a sheet of banana leaf. Plump and juicy, the shrimps are infused with fiery spiciness of curry. Also included are okra (ladies' fingers) and tomatoes to provide more rounded flavor.
The shrimps' larger cousins, spiny lobsters, also make their dramatic entrance. Cheese-Baked Spiny Lobsters (芝士焗大花龙虾) is obviously the main highlight of the evening. The flesh of lobsters is similar in texture to shrimps', except that the former is sweeter and crunchier. As Gurney Bay keeps a healthy stock of live lobsters, their freshness is certainly undisputed.
The seafood feast moves on to other crustaceans. Presented before my eyes is Signature Salted Crabs (招牌盐焗肉蟹), featuring two brown crabs that are nicely baked with salt and egg white. It takes a while to pry through the hard exoskeleton of these armored creatures. But when the soft flesh inside is exposed, the mouth makes short work of it.
As for fish, Marble Goby In Vietnamese Sauce (越南酱笋壳鱼) is the restaurant's recommendation for this evening. Marble Goby is a freshwater fish with reasonably refined firmness. As the fish only lacks flavor on its own, the tangy-spicy Vietnamese sauce does most of the heavy lifting in the "taste" department.
Next on tonight's meal is Braised Abalone With Mushroom & Fish Maw (花菇花胶烩鲜生鲍鱼). Each individual serving comprises of abalone, fish maw, shiitake mushroom and broccoli. All ingredients are brought together using rich oyster sauce. This is certainly another recommended dish.
As for something less meaty, Signature Pipa Tofu (招牌琵琶豆腐) is a sound choice too. Each piece of bean curd contains some surimi to provide savoriness. Tofu pieces are served with egg gravy, which contains shimeji mushroom and carrots.
Being the most well-stocked seafood restaurant in Penang, Gurney Bay offers customers with numerous choices of exquisite delicacies. As most seafood is kept alive until ready to cook, freshness is rightfully assured.
Although such exotic delicacies can easily cost an arm and a leg, Gurney Bay also offers seafood and non-seafood dishes at more affordable prices. In addition, the restaurant also serves dim sum (点心) in the morning and during noon.
Name: Gurney Bay Island Seafood (葛尼湾海鲜大排档)
Address: 82, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-228-8168
Business hours: 6:00am-12:00am
Coordinates: 5.42844 N, 100.32173 E
Directions: Gurney Bay Island Seafood is located on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, directly opposite of The Northam. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the restaurant.

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