Special thanks to Magstore for extending this food review invitation.

Since my previous visit to Magstore Mini Supermarket (香港松坂库), this desserts and snacks shop at Queensbay Mall is rolling out the third series of ice cream flavors. In this series, four flavors make their debut. In addition, the menu includes new items like Curry Fish Balls (咖喱鱼旦) and new flavors for egg puffs (鸡蛋仔).
Magstore is still primarily a specialty store stocked with various foodstuff such as snacks, noodles, confectionery and drinks. Vast majority of these items are sourced from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The products are identical to those sold in their native land, not the export-only version that some brands produce.
Still, Magstore's most iconic specialty is its soft serve ice cream. Presented in a two-tier cup, ice cream fills the top cup. The bottom cup contains dry ice initially. When ready to serve, Earl Grey tea is poured into the bottom cup, causing dry ice to sublimate instantly and release spectacular cloud of tea vapor.
One of the new ice cream flavors is Parmesan Cheese / Pineapple Juice (芝士粉/菠萝淋酱, RM12.50), which represents the "salty" version in the latest line-up. The ice cream is made from Australian milk and is moderately sweet, allowing a syringe of pineapple syrup to take the center stage. I also like the fact that the ice cream has low cream content. This means that I can finish the whole cup without feeling so surfeited.
Representing "spicy" of the five basic tastes, Chili Dark Chocolate (辣椒黑朱古力, RM12.50) is my personal favorite today. While the ice cream is identical across all versions, this one is topped by a shower of dark chocolate powder. Infused with sharp spiciness, the ice cream tickles the throat of those who are not prepared to withstand its abrupt pungency.
Moving on, Goji Cherry White Chocolate (枸杞樱花桃白朱古力, RM11.50) happily assumes the "sweet" member in Magstore's third series of flavors. The powdery sprinkle comprises of a mixture of wolfberry, cherry blossom flower and white chocolate.
Finally taking the role of "sour" flavor, the Beetroot / Lemon Vinegar (甜菜根/柠檬醋, RM11.50) version is the most visually appealing one. The light shower of pinkish beetroot powder is overshadowed by a syringe of tangy lemon-flavored vinegar. With the entire syringe of vinegar emptied on the ice cream, one can enjoy light citrus sourness in each scoop of icy goodness.
Magstore's waffle-like Hong Kong Style Egg Puffs (香港名物鸡蛋仔) are no longer new to me, but several new flavors have been introduced since then. The cornerstone of its unique shape is a special waffle iron with spherical slots for the "bubbles".
I have the pleasure of trying the new red bean paste (红豆沙, RM9.90) filling. To prepare the waffle, flour batter partially fills the spherical compartments. Next, red bean paste is added. Then, more batter is added until it overflows and combines with adjacent "bubbles".
When hot, the crispiness of the waffle allows each "bubble" to be plucked off individually. Unfortunately, the waffle becomes soft and doughy when cooled, so it is advisable to consume immediately. According to the menu, other egg puff fillings are chicken floss (鸡肉丝), parmesan cheese (芝士) and chocolate chips (巧克力豆).
Curry Fish Balls (咖喱鱼旦, RM8.90) is the new kid on the block. Each serving comes with 5 fish balls with some potatoes and accompanying curry.
Surprisingly, the curry has strong flavor and is very appetizing indeed. Within its creamy consistency is respectable sense of fiery spiciness. Meanwhile, the springy fish balls are also delectable on their own, but even better when coated thoroughly with curry gravy!
Name: Magstore (香港松坂库)
Address: 3F-22A, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: N/A
Business hours: 10:30am-10:30pm
Coordinates: 5.33329 N, 100.30681 E
Directions: Magstore is located on Level 3 of Queensbay Mall, right next to Queens Hall and opposite of llaollao. Queensbay Mall has a multilevel parking garage and several outdoor parking spaces.

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