Special thanks to Morganfield's for extending this food review invitation.

Despite a Western-sounding name, Morganfield's is a Malaysian brand with nearly a dozen outlets especially in Klang Valley. There are 2 outlets in Penang so far: Gurney Paragon and Queensbay Mall. The latter is my lunch destination for Labor's Day.
The indoor dining section Morganfield's offers lively ambience in a family-friendly setting. The upbeat background music is matched with the impeccable waiting service exemplified by its friendly restaurant crew.
Morganfield's is renowned for its signature barbecued pork ribs, also known as "Sticky Bones" due to the sticky sauce used to glaze to pork ribs while slow-cooking them over the griller. This delicacy was popularized by African Americans during the Great Migration from the American South to the Midwest and East Coast during the 1950s.
Our meal commences with a visually-captivating appetizer: Onion Blossom (RM19.90). Also known as "blooming onion", the entire serving is made from a single colossal onion that is specially imported from the United States. To prepare this dish, the onion is cut in spiral patterns, breaded with crumbs and then deep-fried while suspended upside down.
Once cooked, the "petals" open like a blossoming flower, which explains the name of this dish. The succulent crisp of the Onion Blossom is unlike any I have tasted before. In addition, it is easy for people to get carried away by its addictive sweetness and fill up their stomachs even before the main course. As for dips, BBQ mayonnaise dressing is provided at the center of the "flower".

Also from the appetizer menu is Pork Sausage Platter (RM38.90). Smoky Bandit is the thickest sausage of all and retains the classical pork sausage recipe. Meanwhile, Cheesy Cheese is filled with molten cheese, giving it a unique sense of gratification. Spicy Devil is seasoned to moderate spiciness for the appetizing appeal. Although Herby Hog has the mildest flavor among its siblings, its gentle charm still works well with my palate.
Apart from coleslaw, sweet-savory garlic aioli is also provided as dipping sauce. I feel that the aioli works particularly well with the milder sausages. To maintain freshness, Morganfield's stuffs its own sausages at its central kitchen. In fact, customers are also welcome to purchase frozen ones for enjoying at home. Priced at RM19.90, each vacuum-sealed pack contains all 4 types of pork sausages, which are colloquially known as the Favorite Four.
Before we get too sidetracked, we must talk about Morganfield's bestseller: Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs. The ribs are available as half slab (RM49.90) and full slab (RM79.90). Marinated for several hours to tenderize, the spare ribs are barbecued over hickory wood to scrumptious doneness. While grilling, the ribs are given a glossy coating of hickory-flavored barbecue sauce with a hint of cider.
When served hot, the ribs possess reasonable tenderness while maintaining respectable mouthfeel within every bite. Lean meat peels off the bones almost seamlessly, but this does not avert me licking the bones clean! Very flavorful in its entirety, the spare ribs demonstrate the perfect marriage of savory and sweet flavors that any self-respecting pork-lover can dream of.
Morganfield's signature barbecue sauce can also be enjoyed at home. There are 2 secret recipe flavors that are available for home use: Hickory BBQ and Smoked Peppercorn. Each flavor is available in a bottle of 350 ml (RM7.90). The sauces are most handy when you are hosting a barbecue party at home. You can even pass off as an award-winning BBQ griller if you play your cards right!
Speaking of cards, Morganfield's has built a brand around itself such that it is also able to offer a number of merchandise at each restaurant. Besides playing cards, there are also T-shirts that allow raving fans to boast where they have been hanging out.
And if you wish to show the swine some love (in a gastronomical sense), it is great to know that "Oink! Oink! Mugs" are not only used to serve water in the restaurant, but also available for sale. Each 14-oz mug (RM12.90) has an adorable pig's snout for you to play practical jokes on unsuspecting people. There are two designs: blue mugs for guys, pink mugs for girls. Society has dictated this color scheme - I don't make the rules.
As for beverages, Morganfield's offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are specially crafted by their well-trained bartenders. The chilling Begonia (RM15.90) is made from lemon lime soda, passion fruit syrup and pieces of strawberry, lime and kiwi. Topped with mint leaf, the refreshing tanginess of its fruity constituents makes Begonia an effective thirst-buster.
Should you prefer something slushy, the Mango & Lime Lassi (RM16.90) is an ice-blended drink of mango goodness. Made from mango purée yoghurt and freshly-squeezed limes, the level of sweetness is just right to tantalize the taste buds without overwhelming them with too much sugar.
Through direct operation and franchising, Morganfield's is expanding more outlets in secondary cities like Ipoh, Malacca and Kota Kinabalu. The restaurant chain is also in the midst of increasing its presence globally in countries such as Singapore, Philippines, China and Indonesia. It is great to see a Malaysian company making inroads in the international arena - something we can be proud of.
Name: Morganfield's
Address: GF-121, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-643-5049
Business hours: 11:00am-1:00am
Coordinates: 5.33421 N, 100.30668 E
Directions: Morganfield's is located on the Ground Floor of Queensbay Mall, right next to Starbucks Coffee. Queensbay Mall has a multilevel parking garage and several outdoor parking spaces.

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