Toastea Coffee

Special thanks to Toastea Coffee for extending this food review invitation.

Toastea Coffee is a popular eatery next to Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake at Summerton. The proprietors come from a family of coffee shop operators. Serving local food that most Malaysians have grown up with, Toastea Coffee serves to provide a presentable, family-friendly atmosphere at reasonable prices.
A nice cup of Kopi (咖啡) in the morning is certainly welcoming. Nanyang coffee is brewed in the traditional sense: using a cloth filter. Although the drink is sweetened by condensed milk, the taste of coffee still takes the center stage.
There are several types of toast on the menu. The bread used at Toastea Coffee is produced by sister company Bakery Nowhere at Batu Maung. Made fresh every morning, one can feel the bread's wholesome goodness especially in the thick toasts.
Kaya Butter Toast (咖椰牛油吐司) is one of Malaysians' most popular breakfast items. Spread evenly on a lightly-toasted slice of bread, the combination of kaya (coconut jam) and butter is simply satisfying to the palate.
Peanut Butter Toast (奶油花生酱吐司) is also a popular choice. The nutty creaminess integrates seamlessly with bread.
Meanwhile, Butter Sugar Toast (牛油白糖吐司) contains buttery spread and a light sprinkle of coarse sugar.
For something heavier, try a serving of French Toast (法兰西吐司). A thick slice of bread is soaked with beaten eggs, then pan-fried until the slice turns golden brown. Despite being European in origin, French Toast enjoys widespread popularity in Malaysia.
Many people may find Milo Thick Toast (美禄厚实吐司) to be appealing due to the heavy shower of Milo powder. Literally growing up with this cocoa drink, Malaysians are no longer unfamiliar with the Milo brand. The slice of bread is usually thicker for this toast, but a thin slice is used for the purpose of today's review.
Chicken Floss Thick Toast (鸡丝松厚实吐司) is a specialty here at Toastea Coffee. The slice of toasted bread is topped with mayonnaise and chicken floss. Compared to other types of toast, Chicken Floss Thick Toast is slightly salty yet not too sweet. Once again, this item is supposedly served within a thick slice of bread.
Half Boil Eggs (半生熟鸡蛋) are also comfort food in the eyes of Malaysians. The soft-boiled eggs can be either eaten directly, or flavored with soy sauce and pepper.
Another popular breakfast item is Chee Cheong Fun (猪肠粉). This is the local type, not the Hong Kong variant that is often associated to dim sum (点心). Thin sheets of rice flour are rolled up and flavored with thick sweet sauce. Should customers prefer some spiciness, chili paste is also provided on the side.
Curry Chicken (咖哩鸡) is prepared from scratch every morning. I enjoy the fact that the gravy is rich and creamy. Although salty when eaten directly, the curry should be fine when eaten with bread or rice.
The bowl of curry includes several pieces of chicken and potato. The chicken is slightly tough but still within acceptable range. I generally prefer the texture to be tenderer.
There are several types of Nissin Soup Noodles (出前一丁). But for the ultimate enjoyment, go for mixed version. The bowl of noodle comes with fried egg, ham, chicken luncheon, sausage and vegetables.
Toastea Coffee uses Nissin noodle from Hong Kong. Although Nissin noodle is significantly more expensive than local ones, its superior quality well compensates for the higher cost. Meanwhile, the soup is made from chicken stock and is also prepared every day. I certainly recommend this dish.
As there are a number of elderly customers, Toastea Coffee also serves Fish Porridge (香甜炸鱼粥) to appeal to this demographic. The default recipe is plain in taste, but customers are free to add soy sauce and pepper liberally.
The bowl of Fish Porridge includes several pieces of fish fillet, which I find very addictive indeed. Each piece is coated with crispy batter and is quite light on the mouth. Although deep-fried, the fish fillets do not give oily sensation.
Nasi Lemak (椰浆饭) and youtiao (油条) are also on the menu, but they are often sold out around 10:00am in the morning. Toastea Coffee's menu is pork-free and is in the process of obtaining halal certification. Overall, the restaurant is a viable place to dine if homemade cooking and affordable prices appeal to you.

Name: Toastea Coffee
Address: 110-01-3A, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-341-6678
Business hours: 7:00am-12:00am (Sunday-Thursday), 7:00am-2:00am (Friday-Saturday)
Coordinates: 5.33943 N, 100.30895 E
Directions: Toastea Coffee is one of the shops at the Ground Level of Summerton. Summerton a mixed residential-commercial property near Queensbay Mall. The building is located between Putra Place and Villa Emas condominium blocks. Parking is available in front of and inside Summerton.