Botanica Mansion

Special thanks to Botanica Mansion for extending this event review invitation.

Botanica CT is a new township just north of Balik Pulau town center. The 300-acre landed residential development is under construction phase by phase. To provide homeowner with recreational amenities that condominium owners enjoy, the developer of Botanica CT took the liberty to build Botanica Mansion, a restaurant-cum-hotel-cum-clubhouse near Prince of Wales Island International School.
The mansion itself is perched on top of a small hill, providing panoramic views of the serene countryside. The 2-floor building boasts spacious lawns on all sides. In particular, the west-facing main door grants unobstructed view of the setting sun.
The building was originally an estate house that was constructed approximately 150 years ago. Abandoned and left in a state of decay for over a century, the township developer restored the mansion to its former glory. In case the building looks familiar, it was restored by the same contractor as Suffolk House.
Botanica Mansion started operating in November 2015 without much fanfare. Today, it proudly announced its presence to the outside world by opening its doors to the media. Besides serving food in the main hall, the staff of Botanica Mansion also took this opportunity to let us tour the entire mansion.
Botanica Mansion is available for rent for events such as birthday parties, baby showers, seminars and corporate functions. Over the course of several months, the mansion has also hosted several wedding events. Shaded by a 100-year old tree, the north lawn provides a good venue for garden parties.
For convenience, wedding cakes can also be arranged with Botanica Mansion. In fact, the hotel management also owns Our Bakery that is located within a short driving distance away.
Meanwhile, the interior sections of the mansion is furnished with a classy theme. The ground floor can comfortably host up to 90 guests with table service, while makeshift canopies provide additional space outside. In fact, Botanica Mansion has hosted a 200-strong wedding reception recently.
Should the newlywed prefer to exchange their vows indoors, this can be arranged in any of the many rooms in the mansion. Granted, Botanica Mansion is quite a distance away from Penang's city center. But wouldn't it be nice to stay away from populated areas for once in a lifetime?
Botanica Mansion includes 4 hotel rooms of exquisite prestige: Smoke House (75.62 sqm), Garden Suite (75.62 sqm), Planter's Suite (37.75 sqm) and Orchard Room (27.11 sqm). Each room has a different layout, providing a luxurious level of hospitality.
Two of the rooms, Smoke House and Garden Suite, are located in what was originally a smokehouse. In these 2 rooms, the original brick walls of the smokehouse can still be seen. The walls have to be restored from time to time in effort to preserve the building's historical value.
The Smoke House is located at the upper floor of this building. The front balcony provides scenic view of the swimming pool and lush greenery beyond.
The adjoining bathroom is furnished with a bathtub and well as a shower stall. White tiles decorate the sides of the room.
Located downstairs, the Garden Suite is similar in size as The Smoke House.
Once again, the original brick walls are visible in this room including the attached bathroom.
Meanwhile, the Planter's Suite and Orchard Room are located in what was once the servants' quarters.
Each room is equipped with modern conveniences such as television with satellite channels, Wi-Fi access and mini-bar. Hotel guests also enjoy complimentary breakfast for two, which can be served in the room, restaurant or garden at their own choosing. Room rates range from RM600.00 to RM1,000.00 per night.
Meanwhile, the former stables of the estate has been converted to a fitness center. Along with the adjacent swimming pool, the club facilities are open for membership to residents of Botanica CT.
There is a mural on a wall facing the swimming pool. The artwork is completed by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist who is best known for his works on "Children on Bicycle" (Armenian Street) and "Boy on Motorcycle" (Lebuh Ah Quee) in George Town.
The restaurant aspect of Botanica Mansion serves primarily Western-style cuisine. English afternoon tea is also available. From time to time, the restaurant also serves seasonal items such as pizza.
Dining tables can be arranged according to needs. The different setups today is just to showcase possible table arrangements during private events.
Likewise, the cocktail food served today does not accurately depict the dishes that are several during normal operation.
Anyway for today, I think the mini chicken pies are the main highlight. I like the lovely pastry puff around delectable chicken filling.
There are also freshly-cooked crêpes that are served with gula melaka (palm sugar) and maple syrup.
I also enjoy the bruschetta with prawn and tomato toppings. Meanwhile, freshly-baked scones come with cream, jam and butter.
I am curious to explore the actual food menu at Botanica Mansion. This will have to wait for another day. Nevertheless, I am already impressed by the tranquil setting that the mansion has to offer.
Name: Botanica Mansion
Address: 156, Jalan Sungai Air Putih, 11000 Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-866-3399
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm, closed on Mondays
Coordinates: 5.36851 N, 100.22459 E
Directions: From Jalan Sungai Rusa between Balik Pulau and Teluk Bahang, turn east to Botanica CT. Drive till the end of the road and turn left. Botanica Mansion is located just ahead. Guests can park next to the guardhouse, or continue driving along the uphill road to the front of the mansion.

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