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Special thanks to U Sno for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

At the LG Floor of Sunway Carnival Mall is U Sno Shaved Ice. It is located in front of Guardian and just a stone's throw away from Mulgogi.
U Sno specializes in Snow Ice, a dessert which enjoys widespread popularity in the Taiwanese night market scene. The cornerstone of its preparation is an electric ice shaver, which is also specially sourced from Taiwan.
There 12 different flavors of Snow Ice, each is available in regular and small sizes. Top choices are Mango, Durian and Black Sesame. The dessert is produced from an ice block of frozen purée of desired flavor. This is in stark contrast to Ais Kacang, which is produced from plain ice and then flavored with syrup afterwards.
Another difference is that U Sno's ice crystals are significantly finer than that of Ais Kacang. This results in smooth and creamy consistency, as opposed to slushiness which often defines Ais Kacang. However, U Sno's ice crystals are still not as fine as those from an actual snow flake machine.
I tried the Mango Snow Ice (RM9.90), one of the bestselling flavors at U Sno. Mango-flavored shaved ice is topped with actual mango cubes and nata de coco. There are also two types of corn flakes at the bottom. The dessert is served in a disposable plastic cup which allows easy handling with one hand.
U Sno uses ice blocks made from genuine fruits, not from artificial flavoring. There are also no artificial preservatives and coloring in the production process. The amount of sugar is also minimized as the intention is to focus in natural fruity sweetness.
Durian Snow Ice (RM10.90) is another popular choice, reflecting Malaysians' love for the king of fruits. This flavor is available year-long as U Sno has stocked up sufficient supply of frozen durians between harvest seasons. Costing considerations do not allow special cultivars like Musang King, but the shaved ice still possesses reasonable aroma and flavor.
Like the mango version, the Durian Snow Ice is also served in a customized plastic cup. As if durian-flavored shaved ice isn't appealing enough, the dessert is topped with durian sauce and chocolate wafer rolls. There are also corn flakes at the base of shaved ice.
The Durian Snow Ice also allows the milk content to shine more prominently. Even after the ice has molten, the liquid form feels nearly as good as actual milk! Another important note is that although U Sno itself is not halal-certified, the supplier of ice blocks is.
U Sno has a loyalty card program that benefits regular customers. For every 5 stamps collected, the cardholder can redeem a small cup for free. Alternatively, the cardholder can accumulate 10 stamps to get a regular-sized bowl instead.
U Sno also introduces food items from time to time. During my visit, Tea Eggs (茶叶蛋, RM1.30 each) are available on the menu. The herbal soup has moderately strong flavor, making the eggs rather satisfying indeed.
Name: U Sno Shaved Ice
Address: LG-K8A, Sunway Carnival Mall, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 013-510-9516
Business hours: 10:30am-9:30pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/U-SNO-1662911867307308
Coordinates: 5.39923 N, 100.39804 E
Directions: U Sno is located at the LG Floor of Sunway Carnival Mall. There are parking spaces in the multilevel parking garage as well as along nearby roads.

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