Shin Lok Kopitiam

Special thanks to Shin Lok Kopitiam for extending this food review invitation.

Shin Lok Kopitiam (新乐茶室) in Klang is popular for its signature Yam Puff (芋角) and Vege Pau (菜包). The original shop is in Jeram, from which Shin Lok Kopitiam obtains a fresh supply of wares every morning. The restaurant is quite packed with customers especially on weekends. It may take a while to be seated.
Although I didn't like the coffee here during my previous visit, I notice significant improvement now. Today, our drinks are Kopi (咖啡, RM1.60) and Kopi Ais (咖啡冰, RM1.60). As per tradition, the hot and cold drinks are served in porcelain cups and glass mugs respectively.
We also ordered a hot cup of Teh C (茶鲜, RM1.60), which is Malaysian lingo for tea with evaporated milk. I must say that the drinks are prepared very quickly - barely a minute has lapsed after placing our order. To our surprise, there is only one employee manning the drinks station. How's that for efficiency?
Having fulfilled our caffeine fix, the next order of business is the signature snacks. These items are transported from the original shop in order to maintain the same quality that regulars have known and loved.
The Yam Puff (芋角, RM1.80) continues to show why it is the bestseller here and the original shop. The crispy pastry puff is very light on the mouth and does not feel oily at all. The key is extremely hot oil. Within a short duration, the puff becomes cooked before it starts absorbing oil.
The Red Bean Bun (豆沙包, RM1.60) is filled with red bean paste that is not too sweet. In fact, I prefer this as I can enjoy the sweetness of the bread itself. Like before, I find the bread to be very easy on the mouth. It is very fluffy and does not feel surfeiting at all.
For something more filling, the Chicken Bun (鸡肉包, RM1.80) is a good choice too. The baozi is filled with minced chicken and chopped jicama (sengkuang), plus savory gravy to hold the ingredients together. Eaten with the bread, the overall feeling is pleasant.
The food menu at Shin Lok Kopitiam has expanded significantly since I last visited. The eatery has introduced more menu items like Western food to cater for a wider range of customers especially the young adult demographic. These new dishes are only available in this Klang outlet.

One of the newly introduced dishes is Homemade Ginger Sauce Chicken Chop With Rice (特制姜沙鸡扒饭, RM9.00). A piece of deep-fried chicken chop is served with ginger sauce and white rice. The sauce is used as a dip. It is not recommended to pour the sauce over rice or chicken because the pulpy and watery components separate easily. The ginger may be too intense for some people, but for people who are accustomed to ginger, it is a dish worth trying.
Butter Chicken Rice (特制奶油鸡饭, RM9.00) is one of the bestselling dish on the Western menu. Chicken is cut into boneless strips and fried to delectable crispiness, then served over a heap of white rice. Buttery gravy is poured over, binding the chicken and rice together. Roasted peanuts provide crunchiness, while curry leaves provide appealing aroma. Overall, I feel that this is a well-rounded and highly recommended dish.
Moving on, Bread Toast & Curry Chicken (咖喱鸡法国面包, RM5.00) consist of a bowl of curry with chicken and potatoes. Several slices of baguette are included on the side. While the curry is quite spicy on its own, I think it lacks the next level of savoriness that I am looking for. Perhaps more coconut milk and meat stock can help. In addition, I feel that Hainanese bread is more suitable than baguette as the former does a better job in absorbing the curry.
As for desserts, one can try some Soya Pudding (有机大豆布丁, RM2.60), which is smooth and soft, making it ideal for children too. The pandan-flavored pudding uses minimal amount of sugar and contains no artificial preservatives.
Shin Lok Kopitiam appeals to a wide range of customers, ranging from working adults to the elderly. As a pork-free restaurant, the restaurant also enjoys a fair share of Malay and Indian customers.

Name: Shin Lok Kopitiam (新乐茶室)
Address: 17, Jalan Gopeng, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 03-3342-3833
Business hours: 7:30am-5:00pm, closed on Tuesdays
Coordinates: 3.05004 N, 101.44450 E
Directions: Shin Lok Kopitiam (新乐茶室) is located at the old town area of Klang, at the intersection of Leboh Gopeng and Jalan Gopeng. Street parking is available along nearby roads.

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