Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter

Special thanks to Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located just across the road from SPICE Canopy, Pisa Corner Cafe is a popular hawker center in Relau. There are many food stalls here that sell various types of food ranging from snacks to seafood. The place is packed with customers especially during weekends.
At the center of Pisa Corner Cafe is a strange-looking canopy which provides some shelter from rain. However in the event of rain, customers are urged to move to the sheltered section next to the drinks counter.
Among the some-40 stalls here, Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter (古早味猪脚醋) is among the busiest ones. This family business started about a year ago, but its origin goes back much earlier than that. The recipe has been inherited through many generations. Originally, the proprietors only cooked for own consumption. But under encouragement from fans, they decided to bring this delicacy to a wider audience.
The bowl of Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter (古早味猪脚醋, RM10.00) is saturated with gratifying flavors. Trotter is stewed with sweet rice vinegar for many hours, allowing both ingredients to enhance each other. Meanwhile, soothing pungency on the aftertaste is attributed to locally-grown ginger. Local ginger is more expensive than the ones imported from China but have significantly stronger flavor. Also included is a soy egg (卤蛋) that has been stewed to such point that its surface is nearly as firm as leather.
This Cantonese delicacy is a traditional remedy for women who are undergoing postnatal recovery. The herbal stew is believed to boost mothers' immunity and vitality after childbirth. Nevertheless, this tasty dish can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Meanwhile, Pig Trotter Rice (猪脚饭, RM6.00) is prepared using a different herbal recipe, allowing medicinal elements to infuse pork trotters thoroughly. Thanks to the balanced mixture of lean and fatty meat, the pork is sufficiently tender for children and the elderly. Pickled vegetable (梅菜), soy egg and bean curd are also included in this rice dish.
Pig Trotter Noodle (猪脚面, RM6.00) is similar to the previous dish, but uses instant noodle in lieu of rice. Although pickled vegetable is notably absent, fried shallot helps to enhance aroma and flavor.
For heavyweight carnivores, the platter of Pig Trotter Dishes (猪脚料理, RM12.00) is a sound choice. Besides having more pork than previous dishes, delectable chunks of pig's ankle (猪脚腕) are also included. Their jelly-like texture is due to cartilage and synovial fluid at the joints. Included in this dish are soy egg and bean curd. Initially, I thought that the stew will be overpowering when taken without rice or noodle. Fortunately, my concerns are decisively dismissed.
As for side dishes, Thai Cotton Soybean Curd (泰式棉花豆干, RM6.00) provides an addictive sense of crispiness. This deep-fried foodstuff is flavored with anchovies (江鱼仔), carrots, onions and sesame seeds. Crispy rice noodle (炸米粉) contributes to better mouthfeel.
Alternatively, one can opt for Thai Crispy Beancurd Puff (泰式香脆豆卜, RM6.00) instead. This dish is crispier because the puffs are not quite as dense as the previous dish. The puffs lose some crispiness when they cool down, so it is better to consume them as soon as possible.
Pork trotter is extremely rich in flavor, so it is advisable to pair it with blanched vegetables such as Leaf Lettuce (油麦菜, RM5.00) and Chinese Lettuce (玻璃生菜, RM5.00). Pork meat floss (肉松) provides some degree of sweetness. Meanwhile, oyster sauce carries the bulk of savory taste.
Several set meals are also available. These are considerably more economical than ordering individual dishes. For instance, Set A (RM19.00) features Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter with a choice of bean curd and a choice of vegetable. The portion is sufficient for 2 persons if they have small appetites; they just need to order an extra bowl of rice for RM1.00.
It is noteworthy that the proprietors make their own chili sauce. This Thai-style condiment is surprisingly spicy but it can be really appetizing for people who are used to its pungency.
The Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter stall is open every evening but may close on special occasions. Especially on weekends, the stall may close earlier once its food is sold out. The proprietors also accept pre-ordering especially from mothers who are recuperating during their postnatal confinement.
Name: Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter (古早味猪脚醋)
Address: Pisa Corner Cafe, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-415-9797, 012-416-8313
Business hours: 5:30pm-11:00pm
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 5.32943 N, 100.27838 E
Directions: From Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, turn into the road which is directly opposite of Kedai Kopi Kim Shen (金菁茶室). Pisa Corner Cafe is located on the left side of the road, just next to You Yuan Fen (有缘份), another hawker center. Classic Black Braised Pig Trotter is located near the main entrance of Pisa Corner Cafe. There are parking spaces along nearby roads. Alternatively, one can park at the side of Jalan Tun Dr. Awang right opposite of SPICE Canopy.

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