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Special thanks to Pizza Station for extending this food review invitation.

Sunshine Farlim is usually frequented by residents of Air Itam, but few people outside the immediate vicinity come here on a regular basis. In fact, I hardly remember the last time I visited this mall.
Right at the entrance of Sunshine Farlim is Pizza Station, a pizza shop which has been open continuously here since 2009. The pizza menu is organized into 3 categories of pizza toppings: Favourites, Supremes and Surfers Paradise. Pizzas come in 3 sizes: Personal (4 slices), Regular (6 slices) and Large (8 slices). As for pizza crust, there are 3 types: Original, Thin, Extreme Cheese.
At Pizza Station, pizzas are made to order to maintain their freshness. Typically, it takes approximately 13 minutes upon ordering to seeing hot pizzas exit the industrial-grade oven.
Pizza Station differs from many pizza places in the fact that it produces pizza dough and sauces from scratch. The menu is entirely pork-free, but beef is used in several instances. There are also a handful of vegetarian pizzas that do not contain onions in adherence to Buddhist vegetarianism.
One of the popular pizzas among regular customers is the Flaming Chicken (RM25.80), which goes well with Original crust. Dough is evenly spread with a layer of spicy tomato sauce, followed by grated mozzarella. Other toppings include chunks of spicy chicken, pineapples, green peppers, button mushrooms and onions. I like the fact that the crust strikes a fine balance between chewy and crispy textures. In addition, the homemade sauce and spicy chicken chunks contribute to the pizza's scrumptious appeal.
Customer who prefer pepperoni and ham can opt for the Italiano (RM25.80), which works better with Thin crust. There is a choice of either chicken or beef toppings. Other ingredients used in this pizza are tomato sauce, button mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Molten mozzarella cheese holds all toppings in place. As far as the crust is concerned, this version has sharper crisp which appeals more to some people.
Apart from pizzas, Pizza Station also has ramen burgers such as the Cheesy Chicken Ramen Burger (RM14.80). The key highlight of this burger is the "buns" which are made from ramen "patties", held in shape using beaten eggs. Sandwiched between the delectable ramen "patties" is a piece of deboned chicken thigh. Cooked on an iron griddle, the chicken remains tender and juicy.
Other ingredients contained in the burger are lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onions and the proprietor's very own cheese sauce. There is also a slice of orange cheddar cheese for good measure. For an additional RM3.00, the meal includes fries and iced lemon tea. Ramen "buns" can be exchanged for regular buns at no extra charge, but I recommend against doing that because the former is special indeed.
Texas Barbecue Wings comes in sizes of either 2 sets (RM6.80) or 4 sets (RM12.80) of Buffalo wings; a set includes the wingette and drumette. After being grilled, the wings are glazed with Pizza Station's signature barbecue sauce. The wings are best consumed while hot. Do not hesitate to use your hands because every bit of flesh is worth licking dry!
Wild Mushroom Soup (RM8.80) is the eatery's bestseller apart from pizzas. The soup is made from genuine mushrooms, resulting in a thick, creamy stew suspended with little chunks of mushrooms. The natural savoriness of mushrooms is very satisfying to my palate. I am glad to have the privilege of savoring this soup today.
In addition to the à la carte menu, Pizza Station also offers several set meals for individual, couple or family customers. The choices of pizzas are under the Favourites categories, but customers can opt for Supremes or Surfers Paradise pizzas by paying the price difference. With prices starting from RM14.80, the set meals are more economical than ordering individual items separately.
Homemade Hot Sauce is one of the condiments provided for the convenience of customers. Similar to Tabasco sauce, it is made from chili peppers and vinegar, resulting in fiery pungency which accentuates the enjoyment of pizzas. The Homemade Hot Sauce is also available for purchase for RM16.80 per bottle. The shelf life is 3 months with refrigeration.
Pizza Station provides free delivery service within Air Itam, Farlim, Paya Terubong, Green Lane and Jelutong. Minimum order of RM20.00 is required. Delivery to other areas is possible for large orders and on case-by-case basis.

Name: Pizza Station
Address: Sunshine Farlim, 294, Jalan Thean Teik, 11500 Air Itam, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-486-6168, 012-568-6168
Business hours: 12:00pm-10:00pm (Monday-Thursday), 11:00am-10:00pm (Friday-Sunday)
Coordinates: 5.39605 N, 100.28642 E
Directions: Pizza Station is located near the front entrance of Sunshine Farlim. There are free parking spaces around the mall.

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