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Do you shop at Lazada, Taobao or ebay? Make travel bookings at Agoda, or Expedia? Or perhaps search for restaurants at Groupon or Foodpanda?
If you do but you have not heard of ShopBack, you are forfeiting easy money that could have been yours! ShopBack is a cashback website which rewards its members for shopping at other websites. It is absolutely free to sign up. If you are going to shop online anyway, might as well get cashback through ShopBack!
This is how ShopBack works: Other websites give a referral fee to ShopBack for every customer that ShopBack brings in. Instead of keeping all the money, ShopBack rewards you for allowing that commission to happen.
To use ShopBack, you start by signing up for a new account - which is free. Then, log in to ShopBack and click on an affiliated website which you are going to shop at anyway. Affiliated websites include Groupon, Lazada, Taobao, ebay, Qoo10, Agoda,, AirAsiaGo, Expedia, ZaloraFoodpanda and many more. Because these websites keep track of your visit using browser cookies, it is important that you make your purchase using that web browser's window.
Your purchase will be reflected in ShopBack within several days. The cash rebate will be made available in 45 to 75 days (depending on website). This time gap is needed for ShopBack to work with other websites to verify the transactions. Once ready, you can request ShopBack to deposit the cashback directly into your bank account. It's that simple. I told you that it is easy money, right? If you are still confused, here is an introduction video to explain how it works.
If you are like me, you are interested to find the best food deals out there. Take for example of this food voucher that I bought from Groupon recently. We all know that Groupon offers restaurant meals at discount price. But do you know that you can enjoy even more discounts on Groupon Malaysia?

Groupon's customers get 7% cash rebate, so for my purchase of RM50.00, I get RM3.50 into my account. RM3.50 may not sound much, but this is money that you would not have gotten otherwise, right? From time to time, ShopBack may even offer higher rebate percentages on certain websites, so stay tuned to its email newsletter after you have signed up!
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