Blue Chimes

Special thanks to Blue Chimes for extending this product review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Blue Chimes (蓝风铃) is a home-based bakery with an interesting range of breads and pastries. While there are plans to set up a permanent store, Blue Chimes currently provides delivery throughout Penang Island.

Almond Chocolate Mochi (RM3.00) is one of my favorites from its range of wares. Shaped like a muffin, the pastry is made from almond flour.
What's more interesting is that the muffin is filled with molten chocolate chips and mochi (餅). Mochi is a type of Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice flour. The gluey mochi provides unique texture that I have not encountered before in other pastries.
Four Leaf Clover (RM4.00) is a doughnut with wavy custard pattern, making it resemble the good luck charm. The bread is made from green tea instead of matcha, so that its taste does not become too bitter. The Four Leaf Clover also contains red bean paste inside. Somehow green tea and red beans always work well in pairs.
Chocolate Cheese Loaf (RM12.00) has marble-like appearance because cocoa powder and cream cheese are added non-uniformly to the dough. Chocolate chips are embedded within the loaf too. The loaf is unsliced so that it remains fresh and moist.
What look like mini croissants are actually Butter Rolls With Chicken Floss (RM6.50). Each pack contains 6 pieces of these delectable rolls.
The butter rolls have flaky texture which is midway between that of croissants and cookies. At the center of each piece is mildly-sweet chicken floss.
Walnut Raisin Sourdough Bun (RM3.00) is naturally leavened using a special strain of Lactobacillus bacteria and yeast. The degree of sourness is somewhat lacking compared to Yin's Sourdough, but I am glad that its doughy texture provides satisfying mouthfeel. This vegan bread is punctuated with occasional raisins and walnut chips.
Layer Cake (RM24.00) is made from flour, butter, eggs and condensed milk, and is flavored using vanilla extract. Each 400-gram block of Layer Cake contains over a dozen layers stacked on one another. The preparation process is cumbersome because the cake must be constructed one layer at a time.
Last but not least, I also enjoy the Parmesan Cheese Bun (RM3.00). The crusty surface is topped with parmesan cheese powder, making the bun very aromatic indeed.
Beneath the crust is soft bread and a cavity filled with Philadelphia cream cheese. The buttery nature of the bun strikes a chord with my palate.
At the moment, Blue Chimes relies on word of mouth to expand its customer base. Enquiries to Blue Chimes can be relayed by email or by phone (016-447-5285).

Name: Blue Chimes (蓝风铃)
Address: N/A
Contact: 016-447-5285
Business hours: N/A
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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