Kochabi Trishaw Buns

Special thanks to Kochabi Trishaw Buns for extending this food review invitation.

Have you noticed Kochabi Trishaw Buns (古早味三轮车面包) in Taman Lip Sin? It is located across the road from Super Tanker (美丽华美食中心) hawker center, right at the intersection between Jalan Nipah and Tingkat Nipah. It is interesting to note that the stall is built on an actual trishaw.
The stall has a charcoal-fired grill to cook meats like bakkwa (肉干), chicken and hot dog. Most items have been cooked upfront, so they are only reheated briefly when ordered.
Burning charcoal is also the heat source for steaming bread. What an efficient use of heat!
Here are some of the delicacies at Kochabi Trishaw Buns. Bakkwa Bun (肉干面包, RM1.60) uses bakkwa that is reasonably tender and works well with the soft bread. As for Bakkwa + Meat Floss Bun (肉干+肉丝面包, RM2.20), the meat floss is made from sweetened pork and has delightful sweetness.
Meanwhile, Hot Dog + Ham Bun (热狗+火腿面包, RM2.70) consists of a chicken sausage wrapped with ham. Finally for Taiwan Sausage Bun (台湾香肠面包, RM2.40), the sausage carries honey-like sweetness and is juicier than the usual sausage.

If you prefer barbecued meat instead, Chicken Drumstick (鸡大腿, RM6.00) and Chicken Wing (鸡翅膀, RM2.00) are available too. Each piece is glazed with sweet dressing made from honey. Meanwhile, Chicken Rear (鸡尾, RM2.00) comes in a set of 5 pieces. Not many people sell this part of the chicken because it needs to be cleaned thoroughly before being cooked.
Kochabi Trishaw Buns operates in the morning only. The stall may be closed due to heavy rain as it is difficult to ignite charcoal when wet. Some food items like Chicken Drumstick and Chicken Wing are in short supply, so they may not be available every day. However, the stall accepts volume orders in advance.

Name: Kochabi Trishaw Buns (古早味三轮车面包)
Address: Jalan Nipah, Taman Lip Sin, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-427-6526
Business hours: 7:00am-11:30am, closed on Tuesdays
Website: N/A
Coordinates: 5.34232 N, 100.29545 E
Directions: Kochabi Trishaw Buns is located at the intersection between Jalan Nipah and Tingkat Nipah in Taman Lip Sin. The stall is across the road from Super Tanker (美丽华美食中心) hawker center. Public parking is available beside the nearby wet market or next to Phor Tay High School (菩提国民型华文中学).

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