QQ Delicious Noodle House

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

QQ Delicious Noodle House (QQ鱼旦美食店) is a restaurant in Setapak, just across Jalan Genting Kelang from PV128. The restaurant is air-conditioned, but outdoor dining tables are also arranged along the porch.
The specialty at this restaurant is Teochew- (潮州) style fish balls (鱼蛋) that are made by hand. To give springy texture to fish balls, fish paste is pounded thoroughly before being made into balls. Success of fish balls requires skillful preparation by the chef.
The fish balls can be sampled through the bowl of Home Made Fish Ball Noodles (巧手鱼蛋粉, RM7.80). Besides 4 fish balls, the dish also includes tofu skin (豆腐皮), fish cake, bean sprouts and chopped scallion. I must say that the fish balls are quite appetizing - certainly the highlight today. Dry version of this dish is also available.
Curry Fish Ball Noodles (咖喱鱼蛋粉, RM8.50) is similar to the previous dish, except that curry soup is used instead of clear soup. Other ingredients are virtually identical. The curry is quite tasty to the last drop; I wonder whether a lot of MSG is used? Meanwhile, the accompanying chili paste only has sheer spiciness, but not quite as tasty as I had hoped for. The chef may want to improve in this area.
King Prawn Soup Noodles (明虾咖喱粉, RM11.80) swaps fish balls for shrimps. The 3 moderate-sized shrimp are reasonably fresh.
Home Made Fish Ball Special Spicy Noodles (辣酱爽口面, RM7.80) uses Hakka noodle (客家面) and is served with spicy sauce, minced pork and bok choy (白菜). Since this is the dry version, there is a separate bowl of soup which contains several fish balls.
Besides noodles, dim sum (点心) is also available here. Salted Egg Cream Bun (金黄流沙包, RM4.80) comes in 3 pieces per serving. The yellow paste inside is made from salted duck eggs. I love the rich flavor of this sweet paste.
Unfortunately, I think the pastry is not sufficiently thick at its base. When the cupcake liner is removed, hot paste leaks out prematurely. Perhaps this is another area which the chef should look into.
Each serving of Yam Ball (炸芋角, RM4.80) contains 2 pieces. Under the crispy layer of taro paste is minced meat. Taste-wise, the yam balls are acceptable.
Fried Radish Cake (炸萝卜糕, RM8.00) is made from a mixture of rice flour and daikon. The cake is cooked by steaming, and then set aside for several days. Upon ordering, the cake is cut into small cubes, then wok-fried with eggs, bean sprouts, preserved radish (菜脯), scallion, chili paste and dark soy sauce. This dish is reasonable in taste but I think is not aromatic enough.
Overall, the food at QQ Delicious Noodle House is decent and deserves a shot. However, there are certainly specific areas that require improvement. Cost-wise, the price is reasonable when compared to other air-conditioned restaurants in this area.

Address: 124, Jalan 2/23A, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-4149-7797
Business hours: 10:00am-3:30pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm

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