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Special thanks to Food Connection for extending this food review invitation.

Food Connection is an Ipoh-based startup venture which aims to promote traditional homemade food across Malaysia. This goal is accomplished through its online shopping portal, which is very easy to use. It is so easy, a caveman could do it. Perhaps a caveman with a computer or phone, that is to say.
Food Connection works with popular food sellers to make their wares available nationwide. There are currently over 30 brands in Penang, Klang Valley and Ipoh. Many of these brands are relatively unknown outside their home states, so Food Connection attempts to bridge this gap.
For example in Penang, Him Heang (馨香) has only one outlet to date, making it very difficult for out-of-state customers to purchase their pastries - until now.
Also on board Food Connection's delivery network is Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰饼家), another established pastry brand in Penang.
The streamlined website allows anyone to purchase their favorite food from the comfort of their homes. Long gone are the days when one has to travel to the physical shop, stand in line, and only to be disappointed that the desired item has been sold out. With the click of a mouse, the Food Connection gets rid of this hassle.
At the checkout page, you may include a personalized message for the recipient (if the items are to be delivered to a third party). This is a great way to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful and nostalgic gifts. Payment can be made either by credit card or through online banking.
Merchandise from any seller can be delivered directly to any address in Malaysia. Delivery fee starts from RM15.60 as long as all items originate in the same zone (Penang, Klang Valley or Ipoh). Food Connection engages a courier service which specializes in speedy and careful package handling.
To understand Food Connection better, I ordered several items through its website. Here is what I received at my doorstep several days later.
Him Heang (馨香) is one of the oldest pastry shops in Penang. Its signature item is Tambun Biscuit (淡汶饼, RM17.90), which comes in a box of 32 pieces.
Tambun Biscuit is made from wheat flour, sugar, green beans, fried onion, vegetable oil and salt. Beyond its lovely crumble is modest sweetness which delights the mouth in a rewarding manner. If needed, the cookie can be reheated in an oven to improve its flavor.
Tow Sar Bing (咸豆沙饼, RM8.80) is packaged in a paper roll which contains 5 pieces. The ingredients of this cookie are similar to Tambun Biscuit.
Also included in my order are Beh Teh Saw (马蹄酥, RM11.90) and Qing Tang Bing (清糖饼, RM9.90), which come in boxes of 8 and 6 pieces respectively. In particular, I like the sweet taste of sticky molasses inside Beh Teh Saw.
As for Ming Xiang Tai (名香泰饼家), my choice is the Six Prosperity Pastry (六福酥饼, RM49.90). The cookies are packaged in a nice box, which makes them a nice gift.
There are 6 different types of pastries in the box: Shredded Coconut With Glutinous Rice Pie (年糕椰蓉酥), Durian Pie (溏心榴莲酥), Green Tea Pie (溏心绿茶酥), Peanut Butter With Lotus Paste Pie (花生莲蓉酥), Chicken Floss With Lotus Paste Pie (鸡肉丝莲蓉酥) and Pineapple With Mango Cube Pie (凤梨芒果酥). There are 2 pieces for each type. As per tradition, Ming Xiang Tai makes all pastries by hand.
Food Connection's online portal is available around the clock. The weekly cutoff is at 10:00am every Tuesday. Ordered items usually arrive within the same week. For further enquiries, Food Connection can be reached by phone (012-345-6901) or via email. In addition, get first-hand updates on Food Connection's latest offers through its Facebook page or Instagram account.

Name: Food Connection
Address: 47, Jalan Foo Shin Kai, Taman Victoria, 30250 Ipoh, Perak
Contact: 012-345-6901
Business hours: N/A
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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