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Special thanks to Farquhar Mansion for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining & Lounge is one of George Town's leading fine dining establishments. The restaurant occupies a colonial-era building just across the road from Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O Hotel).
During my previous visit, I had the privilege of dining at the upper floor. The upper floor is usually reserved for members and includes a stylish lounge. Meanwhile, the dining area at ground floor presents a more family-friendly dining atmosphere.
Today's Chef's Tasting Menu retains the Cinq Philosophy that I experienced previously. The five elements of Cinq Philosophy are Pure, Texture, Flavor, Terroir and Classic. This 6-course meal is only available for dinner.
Upon being seated, a glass of Merlot (RM45.00) fills my wine glass. Served chilled, this red wine is notable for its full body flavor. Farquhar Mansion has a wine cellar to ensure that the wines maintain their pristine form.
Meanwhile, the Rose Lemonade (RM28.00) is a non-alcoholic alternative to wine. This sparkling drink is imbued with pink colors of Bulgarian rose oil extract.
While waiting for the meal to begin, we are served with freshly-baked bread: Mediterranean black olive bread and multigrain bread. Besides classic salted butter, other buttery spreads are flavored with sun-dried tomato and basil.
The Amuse-Bouche has been covered during my previous visit, so it is skipped during today's tasting session. Consequently, we skipped ahead to the Trio Hokkaido Scallop. Fresh slices of scallop are served with aromatic truffle oil. The chilling sensation of scallop slices is immensely satisfying.
Another interesting aspect of this dish is the piece of crispy salmon skin. The skin is tipped with gold leaf, giving an unparalleled level of luxury. Chilled slices of scallop are also topped with sturgeon caviar and ikura (イクラ, salmon roe).
Next, Mushroom Terroir is saturated with earthy goodness of fungi. A light drizzle of truffle oil, appreciated for its captivating aroma, improves upon this mouthwatering emulsion.
The centerpiece of Mushroom Terroir is truffle, one of the most prized delicacies in French culinary arts. A piece of asparagus balances gracefully on the gratifying truffle.
The gastronomical journey leads us to Foie Gras Flavour. Foie gras has a buttery, delicate texture that requires undivided attention to prepare. Foie gras is typically goose's liver, but some restaurants may pass duck liver off as a cheaper substitute.
This exquisite delicacy is served with brioche and port wine reduction. At the side are apple chutney and a piece of grape; both are meant to complement the savoriness of foie gras.

A small scoop of mango sorbet serves to cleanse the palate before the main dish.
One of Farquhar Mansion's signature dishes is the Premier Australian Lamb Rack (RM268.00). Consisting of three ribs, the rack of lamb is cooked with succulent lamb jus and caramelized onion. To truly enjoy this dish, I recommend medium rare for the degree of doneness.
The lamb rack comes with a scrumptious piece of lamb tortellini. Tortellini is a navel-shaped pasta which is very similar to ravioli. Also included are potato cream and an assortment of vegetables like tomato, squash, Brussels sprouts, lotus root, sweet pea and shimeji mushrooms.
Black Angus Strip Loin (RM278.00) is another heavenly delicacy. Striploin is cut from the back of the cattle. This special cut of meat is also known as short loin.
The beef is cooked to medium doneness, allowing the flesh to attain a fine balance between tender and juicy qualities. Besides caramelized onion, the beef steak is also served with delectable beef jus.
The accompanying tortellini is stuffed with finely-chopped beef cheeks. Taken from facial muscles of the cattle, beef cheeks are notorious for being extremely tough. Therefore, the meat has to be braised slowly until it becomes sufficiently tender to chew.
Moving on to desserts, 32 Months Aged Parmesan Soufflé is the next item on the Chef's Tasting Menu. However, the soufflé is not ready to be served during today's tasting session.

Meanwhile, Pina Colada Cheese is inspired by the Spanish fruit cocktail piña colada, but is presented in the form of a sablé. Like the cocktail, the sablé is made from pineapple and coconut. A piece of macaron contributes sweetness in a different manner.
Coffee serves as the finale of today's rewarding meal. Latte (RM21.00) comprises of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam.
Mocha (RM21.00) is similar as Latte, but this coffee drink also contains chocolate syrup to satisfy one's sweet tooth.
Although there are several notable changes, the new Chef's Tasting Menu remains as commendable as before. Farquhar Mansion's Cinq Philosophy is indeed a culinary adventure worthy of exploration and indulgence.

Name: Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining & Lounge
Address: 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 019-528-8933
Business hours: 12:00pm-1:00am
Website: http://www.farquharmansion.com
Coordinates: 5.42306 N, 100.33474 E
Directions: Driving eastward along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, follow the road as it curves left to Lebuh Farquhar. Mission Place is located on the right. Farquhar Mansion is the main building in the compound. There are parking spaces within its compound.

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