Jing Ding

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Jing Ding Hong Kong Gourmet Kitchen (金鼎香港粥面小厨) is a small eatery directly opposite of Bellisa Row. There are parking spaces at the front for its customers.
Jing Ding serves Hong Kong-style rice, porridge and noodle dishes. There are hardly any customers when I arrived at this air-conditioned restaurant.
For my dinner, I opted for Set Meal A (套餐A, RM14.80), which is meant for 1 person. For meats, the choices are roasted duck (烧鸭), soya sauce chicken (油鸡), BBQ pork (叉烧) and roasted pork (烧肉).
I went for roasted duck as recommended by the staff. The meat is quite dry and leathery - hardly having any juiciness at all. The taste is also overwhelmingly dominated by saltiness. I think the recipe has to be improved substantially.
As for the soup, available options are lotus root (莲藕), salted vegetable (咸菜) and pig's stomach (猪肚). The bowl of pig's stomach contains chicken feet and lots of peppercorn. Also included in the set meal are vegetable with oyster sauce (蚝油时菜), rice and chrysanthemum tea (菊花茶).
Address: 425B, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-218-9322
Business hours: 10:30am-8:00pm

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