Rasa Deli

Special thanks to Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa for extending this food review invitation.

Rasa Deli is a pastry kiosk at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, just opposite of FIP Lounge and Spice Market Café. Formerly a mahjong gazebo, Rasa Deli allows customers to grab a quick bite without having to walk into a restaurant.
Rasa Deli's menu consists of cakes (whole cakes and by the slice), muffins, cookies, macarons, sandwiches and bread loaves. Some of these pastries are also included in Spice Market's daily buffet dinner.
Starting April 2017, Rasa Deli is offering Hokkaido Cheese Tart for a limited time. There are 3 different flavors: Original, Chocolate and Passion Fruit. The recipes of these tarts are the brainchild of Executive Pastry Chef Dino Wan.
The Original version is probably the best way to enjoy savoriness of cheese. Made from 3 types of cheese (parmesan, mascarpone cheese and cream cheese), the rich custard presents creamy mouthfeel which delights my palate.
I also love the fact that the custard oozes gently as I sink my teeth into the crust.
The chocolate type is great if you are fond of cocoa. I feel that chocolate's sweetness dominates the overall taste, causing cheese take a secondary role in this case.
My personal favorite Hokkaido Cheese Tart is the one with Passion Fruit. Unlike the other two types, this variant takes a tangy twist with its fruity custard. Its honey-sweet aroma certainly helps to draw appetite too.
Tart crusts are made from egg yolk, butter and icing sugar. With the right proportion of yolk, the pastry attains crumbly texture which is very pleasing to the mouth. Although the crusts are very delicate, they are not the flaky type as used in Cantonese pastry.
Rasa Deli's Hokkaido Cheese Tart sells at RM7.50 each. Customers who purchase 2 tarts enjoy one more for free. I suggest that you get all 3 flavors so that you can experience them all. This promotion is slated till the end of May 2017, but it may be extended by popular demand.
Name: Rasa Deli
Address: Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-888-8788
Business hours: 11:00am-6:30pm
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/penang/rasasayangresort
Coordinates: 5.47953 N, 100.25483 E
Directions: From Tanjung Bungah, travel west towards Batu Ferringhi. Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa is approximately 4.2 kilometers from Tanjung Bungah's floating mosque, located on the right. Rasa Deli is an outdoors kiosk just outside FIP Lounge.

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