Restoran Tuck Cheong

Today's breakfast at Pudu lands us at Restoran Tuck Cheong (德昌饱饺茶餐室), an old shop within a cluster of low-cost flats. Occupying the ground floor, the shop has indoor and outdoor dining tables. The vast majority of customers here are locals.
This eatery operates in the morning only. The shop mainly serves dim sum (点心), most of which are steamed types. Only limited quantities are prepared daily, so some dim sum types may be sold out earlier in the morning.
From its limited menu, we started with Fried Egg Meatballs (炸鸡蛋肉丸, RM3.40), Tofu Skin Rolls (腐皮卷, RM3.40) and Pork Rind Rolls (猪皮卷, RM3.40).
Next are Siew Mai (烧卖, RM3.40) and Spare Ribs (排骨, RM3.40). These dishes are fairly common in dim sum meals.
In term of baozi (包子), Lotus Seed Paste Bun (莲蓉包, RM2.00) is a popular type due to its sweet filling.
Salted Egg Siew Mai (咸蛋烧卖, RM3.40) carries a mild hint of saltiness from salted egg yolk.
Fish Balls (鱼蛋, RM3.40) are served with chopped scallions. The mouthfeel of the balls is particularly succulent.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Restoran Tuck Cheong also serves Rice Bowls (盅仔饭) and Glutinous Rice & Chicken (糯米鸡). Since today is Friday, we are not able to taste them this round. Overall, today's breakfast is fairly satisfying.
Address: 29, Jalan Kancil, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: N/A
Business hours: 6:30am-10:00am, closed on Mondays

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