Hamidou Roll

Special thanks to Hamidou Roll for extending this food review invitation.

Mat Toh Yau Dessert & Food (乜都有清补凉糖水) is a drinks and desserts shop in Jelutong. Located at the intersection of Jalan Penaga and Lorong Ipoh, the shop is within walking distance of Jelutong Market (Pasar Awam Jelutong).
Hamidou Roll (哈咪豆) is one of the stalls in front of Mat Toh Yau. Founded in 1992, this home-based business specializes in local street snacks. Originally nameless, Hamidou Roll was branded so when the current proprietor inherited the business from her parents. The Hokkien word "hamidou" is based on a random suggestion from her 5-year-old son.
The signature item here is Penang Chicken Lobak (槟城五香鸡肉卷, RM1.80 each, RM20.80 per dozen). The fried rolls are made from chicken seasoned with five-spice powder (五香粉), which is an inherited family recipe.
Seasoned chicken is wrapped in tofu skin (豆腐皮) and then deep-fried until the rolls become crispy. Unlike the traditional recipe, the rolls do not contain pork. The snack can be eaten with sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise
Hamidou Roll also sells Curry Potato Puffs (恋爱香辣角, RM1.80 each, RM20.80 per dozen). Made from flaky pastry, the puffs are stuffed with curried potato. Potato filling is quite packed, so one puff alone is quite filling as a snack.
Besides selling at Jelutong, Hamidou Roll also vends its wares at several night markets across Penang Island. Larger orders (in frozen form) can be placed by phone or WhatsApp at 016-784-2813. Hamidou Roll also takes online orders on Facebook. Each box of 12 pieces is priced at RM20.00. Shipping is free for 3 boxes and above.
Directly behind Hamidou Roll's daytime stall is another one that serves Western style breakfast. Bread, hash browns, ham and omelette are some of the breakfast foods sold here.
Roti Special (RM6.50) consists of two slices of white bread with grilled sausage, ham, bacon and onions. The entire sandwich is wrapped in omelette. Sweet chili sauce, mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing are provided as condiments.
Name: Hamidou Roll (哈咪豆)
Address: 22, Jalan Penaga, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-784-2813
Business hours: 7:30am-11:00am, closed on Mondays
Website: https://www.facebook.com/HamiDouRoll
Coordinates: 5.38981 N, 100.31238 E
Directions: Mat Toh Yau Dessert & Food (乜都有清补凉糖水) is located at the intersection of Jalan Penaga and Lorong Ipoh in Jelutong. Hamidou Roll is one of the stalls in front of the shop. Most people park their cars along nearby roads.

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