126 Tim Sum

There are numerous nighttime restaurants in Geylang, Singapore. One of them is 126 Tim Sum (揾到食点心) at Sims Avenue. Read in Cantonese, "126" sounds like "earned a living" (揾到食).
The restaurant serves a variety of dim sum (点心). The signature item here is King Prawn Dumpling (虾饺王, SGD5.50). These dumplings are made of minced pork and large prawns. I love the crunchiness of the shrimps, but I feel that the translucent skin is too thick that it causes the dumplings to feel too starchy.
Another popular item at 126 Tim Sum is King Siew Mai (烧卖王, SGD5.00). Surrounded by a sheet of lye water dough, these dumplings are also made of minced pork. Thanks to the juicy shrimps on top, the taste of these dumplings are quite satisfying.
Last but not least, Crispy Yam Ball (芋角, SGD4.50) has an outer layer is made from mashed taro. The filling is sweet and savory pork. Unlike the type that I am familiar with, this version does not have the distinctive fluffy surface. Nevertheless, the yam balls are still quite delectable.
126 Tim Sum is open 24 hours a day. It is frequented by night owls since few restaurant remain open during the wee hours of the night. Diners can choose to be seated in the air-conditioning dining section, or opt for curbside dining just outside the restaurant.

Address: 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449
Contact: +65-6746-4757
Business hours: 24 hours

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