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Special thanks to 3G Noodle House for extending this food review invitation.

Permatang Tinggi is a small village between Bukit Minyak and Simpang Ampat. The most prominent landmark in Permatang Tinggi is the Church Of The Holy Name Of Mary, which is located along the main road.
3G Noodle House (三代面馆) is a local eatery in the village. The family business has been operating since 1970 but did not have a formal name. Just recently, the shop has been inherited by the third generation and was rebranded to keep up with the times. What has not changed is the food recipe, which remains a family secret to this date.
3G Noodle House is renowned for its Hokkien Mee (福建面, RM4.50). Unlike most recipes, the broth here is made from anchovies (江鱼仔) as opposed to pork. Another vital element in this dish is the signature chili paste. Its moderate spiciness serves to heighten the soup's savory flavors.
As for the choice of noodles, Hokkien Mee is best enjoyed with a mixture of lye water noodle (碱面) and rice vermicelli (米粉). Other ingredients in the broth are sliced pork, fishcakes, hard-boiled egg and fried shallots.
Koay Teow Soup (粿条汤, RM4.50) is boiled from pork bones for several hours, resulting in a soup with rich flavors. I am also quite satisfied with the succulent minced pork. In addition, the bowl also contains fish balls, fishcakes and chopped scallions.
Flat rice noodle (粿条) is used for Koay Teow Soup. To get maximum springiness, the noodle must be blanched beforehand and served with boiling-hot soup.
The Curry Mee (咖哩面, RM4.50) here is substantially different from Penang White Curry Mee that is prevalent in the state. For one, no meat stock is used for the soup itself. Another important distinction is that the homemade chili paste only serves to accentuate the soup's taste, but not to supplant the soup entirely.
Yardlong beans in the Curry Mee are pre-fried with curry, making them softer and avoiding "rawness" of the vegetable. The curried chicken and tofu puff (豆腐卜) are also unique to this shop. Note that 3G Noodle House serves Curry Mee on Sundays only.
Red Dates Tea (红枣茶, RM2.00) is best enjoyed hot. The herbal tea's gentle sweetness helps to reset the palate between different dishes. Alternatively, Bentong Ginger Tea (文冬姜, RM2.00) is also available.
Moving on to desserts, the proprietor's aunt prepares Western pastries such as Mille Crêpe (千层蛋糕, RM10.80). The homemade cake contains over 20 layers of pandan-flavored pastry interleaved with whipped cream. The type of dessert varies from day to day. Sometimes, Cheesecake is prepared instead.
3G Noodle House is very popular among locals as evidenced by the endless flow of customers. The shop is also seeing an increasing number of outsiders recently. On busier days, food may be sold out earlier than expected. Therefore, it is best to arrive before noon to avoid disappointment.
Name: 3G Noodle House (三代面馆)
Address: 992, Jalan Pasar, Permatang Tinggi, 14100 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-575-9168
Business hours: 8:00am-3:00pm, closed on Thursdays
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 5.29928 N, 100.47987 E
Directions: Driving along Jalan Permatang Tinggi from Bukit Minyak, turn left after a Chinese school, SJK (C) Permatang Tinggi, on the left. There is a police station on the right. 3G Noodle House is located at the second crossroad ahead. Most customers park their cars at nearby roads.

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