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This article is part of my Valentine's Day 2018 compilation.

Special thanks to The TOP for extending this food review invitation.

Standing 249 meters in height, KOMTAR Tower is the tallest building in Penang. The opening of The TOP in 2016 has drastically transformed Penang's most famous landmark to an entertainment hub.
Ticketed attractions at the lower floors include Tech Dome Penang, Jurassic Research Center and Ocean Explorer. The TOP is also home to several restaurants such as Imperial Court Restaurant, Richdad, Umi and Italian Job Pizzaria. A large LED ceiling at Level 5 gives this place a lively atmosphere.
To reach the top of KOMTAR Tower, visitors may purchase admission tickets at the main entrance at Level 5, and then take a guided tour to Level 68. This rooftop section, called Window of THE TOP, offers panoramic views of the entire George Town city.
The crown jewel of this rooftop deck is the Rainbow Skywalk. This horseshoe-shaped bridge extends beyond the edge of KOMTAR Tower and perches a quarter kilometer above the ground level. After sunset, the Rainbow Skywalk is illuminated a rotating series of colors.
The 16-meter outdoor glass skywalk allows visitors to "walk" on thin air. For safety reasons, visitors are asked to don plastic wraps on their footwear before being allowed to step on the bridge.
Another prominent attraction at KOMTAR's rooftop is the Wishing Pot Of Gold. Visitors are welcomed to throw coins into the "wishing well" in hopes that their wishes come true. Aim to strike the brass bell at the center. Behind the rainbow arches is another attraction called Orchestra Of Dreams. Under the gazebo's thatched roof are various musical instruments that seem to play on their own!
The TOP also claims to have the luckiest chair in the world. A horseshoe is said to bring good luck, so how about having an entire bench made from horseshoes?
Window of THE TOP is also a great place to watch the sun setting over Penang Hill. While taking in the beautiful scenery, visitors can also order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Shown here is a fruity mocktail called Cherry Temple.
The indoor section of Level 68 is called Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro. This exclusive eatery offers scenic views of the city skyline in comfort of air-conditioning. Meanwhile, artificial palm trees in the lounge area provide this place a cozy tropical appearance.
Today's visit to Coco Cabana is to catch a sneak peek of the upcoming Valentine's Day course dinner. Held outdoors, the romantic dinner takes advantage of beautiful views at the highest point in the city. Candlelight tables for two are set up along the circumference of the viewing deck. Of course, the best spot is the one right next to the Rainbow Skywalk.
Upon being seated, the couple is being served fresh bread rolls from the oven. There are two types: white bread and charcoal bread. Butter is provided.
A chilled glass of Chardonnay serves as apéritif for the romantic evening. Wines are not included in the course dinner, but they can be ordered separately by the glass or by the bottle.
The 7-course fine dining dinner commences with an amuse-bouche: Chilled Oyster. Presented on its shell, the fresh oyster is flavored with zesty lime juice. The delicacy is garnished with lumpfish caviar and flambéed cheese. A sprig of mint imparts a fresh breath to this succulent appetizer.
The next dish, Salmon Ceviche & Langoustine Tatar, comes in 3 pieces. The first is raw salmon topped with lumpfish caviar and tuile. Next, langoustine tatare is presented with crispy salmon skin and salmon roe. The final piece is apple and mango confit garnished with microgreens. A stroke of lavender purée on the plate forms the finishing touch.
Chilled Cantaloupe Melon Soup comprises of king crab salad, edible flowers and aromatic oil. Creamy liquid, made from sweet rockmelon and milk, is poured into the glass. This chilled soup is very soothing and strokes a chord with my palate. It is certainly one of the major highlights this evening.
Pan-Seared Foie Gras Confit is another exquisite delicacy. I love the distinctive "buttery" aroma of foie gras, as well as the fact that the goose's liver virtually melts on my tongue. Other ingredients that make up this lovely dish are caviar, onion confit, bamboo charcoal crumble, Granny Smith apple confit, truffle oil and brandy foam.
A glass of Champagne Sorbet serves to cleanse the palate before moving on to the main course. Included in the glass is a piece of white chocolate ball.
The Valentine's dinner menu offers 4 choices for main course. Balsamic Glazed New York Venison is probably the most exotic one. Deer's meat has similar texture to mutton but has a noticeably "wilder" side. The venison steak is cooked to medium doneness with a pink center.
Venison is served with chocolate redcurrant sauce. Meanwhile, beef rissole on the side is quite salty; it may be better to tone the seasoning down. Other constituents of this exquisite dish are grilled vegetables, tater tots and duxelles.

If venison is not your cup of tea, the Rack Of Lamb Coated With Pine Nuts is another sensible option. Frenched lamb ribs are cooked with lamb jus to a scrumptious delight. Also included on the side are black trumpet mushrooms, grilled vegetables and vegetable purée. According to the chef, the plating and garnishing will be different during the actual meals.
Red meats usually pair well with red wine. This calls for a glass of Malbec. Red wine is typically served at room temperature, not chilled.
Moving on to the dessert, the Mango Mousse is presented in the likeness of a honey bee. Sprinkles of cocoa powder mimic stripes on the bee's body. Meanwhile, the bee's translucent wings are made from isomalt tuile. The plating includes strawberry sauce, bamboo charcoal crumble and mint sprig. According to the chef, the actual presentation is more elaborate than this.
The course meal concludes with a cup of coffee or tea. This 7-course dinner also includes two glass of cocktail or mocktail. The lady also receives a fresh stalk of rose. Last but not least, a piece of chocolate praline concludes the romantic dinner on a sweet note.
Coco Cabana's Valentine's course meal is offered from 5 February 2018 to 14 February 2017. Prior reservation is required as the number of tables is limited. It is also worthwhile to mention that The TOP offers a separate 7-course Valentine's Day dinner at TOP View Restaurant & Lounge on Level 59.

Name: Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro
Address: The TOP Komtar Penang, 1, Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-262-3800
Business hours: 10:00am-11:00pm
Coordinates: 5.41455 N, 100.32987 E
Directions: Coco Cabana is located at Level 68 of The TOP Komtar Penang. The restaurant is accessible by two flights of elevators from Level 5. Customers are required to purchase admission tickets before entering. As for parking, The TOP has a multistorey parking garage.

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