Sigi's Bar & Grill

This article is part of my Valentine's Day 2018 compilation.

Special thanks to Golden Sands Resort for extending this food review invitation.

Sigi's Bar & Grill is one of the two main restaurants in Golden Sands Resort. Facing the sea, the restaurant allows al fresco dining at the patio and under the palm trees. Meanwhile, the upper deck overlooks most of hotel's grounds and the beach beyond.
In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine's Day, Sigi's is offering romantic dinner for two. The most lavish way to celebrate with your loved one is at the Sunset Cabana. Given the breezy sandy beach and golden sunset over the horizon, where else can you find a more romantic setting than this?
Another 14 privileged couples will be seated at tables by the swimming pool. On an elevated platform at the pool's center, a violinist charms the atmosphere with sweet melodies. Additional bookings will be accommodated in Sigi's indoor dining section.
Upon being seated, the couple is served a loaf of brown bread. Bread spreads are herb butter, paprika butter and olive oil. Balsamic vinegar is also provided.
The first of the 5-course dinner is Grilled Hokkaido Scallop. Blessed with subtle sweetness, the three tender scallops are cooked to absolute perfection. Meanwhile, angel hair (capelli d'angelo) is sautéed with olive oil and topped with shrimp roe.
Next to the pasta are a couple of Roma tomatoes, which have been hollowed out and filled with lumpfish caviar. This exquisite delicacy is gratifying indeed.
The second course of the evening is Roasted Roma Tomato Soup. The lovely savoriness of fresh tomato soup should not be underestimated. Garlic-flavored croutons are added to the soup for a crispy mouthfeel. Meanwhile, drizzles of cream and basil oil enhance the soup to a different level.
Mango Sorbet is meant to cleanse the palate with its gentle sweetness. Drizzled on the sorbet is kiwifruit sauce. I enjoy the sensation of crispy kiwi seeds that punctuate the soothing sorbet intermittently.
The main course offers a choice of either beef or fish. It is recommended to go for one of each. The Slow Broiled Beef Tenderloin is served with black pepper sauce. Attractive grill marks imprint both sides of the thick beef slab. The tenderloin is well done by default, but I personally prefer medium rare doneness to extract the best satisfaction from premium beef.
Served with the tenderloin are seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, squash and carrot. Roasted potatoes are tossed with chopped rosemary leaves to give a fragrant aroma. Fresh rosemary is also used as a garnish.
The Pan-Fried Black Cod Fillet has a reasonably delicate texture but is not too soft. The black cod has a mild flavor, so it is paired with Hollandaise sauce. This creamy French dressing made from egg yolks and butter, and is often served with Eggs Benedict.
The cod fillet is served over a bed of rustic mashed potato. Side vegetables are identical to the previous dish. Overall, this dish strikes a chord with my palate. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Red Velvet Cake is usually served during Valentine's Day and Christmas - largely due to its distinctive maroon color. Mascarpone cheese gives the cake a rich taste rather than downright sweetness. Blackberries and blueberries are presented on the side.
The meal concludes with a cup of coffee or tea. Depending on the selected menu, each couple also gets a bottle of sparkling wine or two glasses of house wine. Chocolate pralines and roses for the lady complete the romantic dinner on a high note.
If the mood is right, take a leisurely stroll along Batu Ferringhi beach under the glittering stars. Sigi's outdoor bar offers many types of cocktails. For instance, Golden Sands (RM20.00) is prepared from apricot brandy, white wine, rum, orange squash and lime juice. This cocktail has soothing coolness with noticeable citrus overtones. The highball glass is decorated with pineapple and lemon wedges on its rim.
Meanwhile, Singapore Sling (RM26.00) is a mixture of gin, cherry brandy, grenadine, angostura bitters, lime juice and pineapple juice. With a foamy top, this reddish cocktail is served straight up in a Hurricane glass. Singapore Sling was reportedly invented by Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
Sigi's candlelight dinner is held on Valentine's Day (14 February 2018) evening only. Dinner starts at 6:30pm - perfectly timed to catch the golden sunset. The restaurant has limited seats, so make your reservations ahead of time to secure your table of choice!

Name: Sigi's Bar & Grill
Address: Golden Sands Resort, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-886-1852
Business hours: 11:00am-12:00am
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 5.47758 N, 100.25162 E
Directions: Driving from George Town and upon arriving Batu Ferringhi, Golden Sands Resort is located on the right at the first traffic junction. Sigi's Bar & Grill is located towards the far side of the resort, after the pools and facing the beach.

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