The Table

Special thanks to Golden Sands Resort for extending this event invitation.

Golden Sands Resort is one of the three properties in Penang under Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts. This beach resort has 2 proper restaurants: Garden Cafe and Sigi's Bar & Grill.
Just recently, the resort renovated the Garden Cafe in order to increase its capacity. The new section, known as The Terrace, can accommodate an additional 100 diners in a normal restaurant setting. The Terrace features a glass ceiling which allows natural sunlight to illuminate the area.
Golden Circle is Shangri-La's loyalty program where members collect points when staying at any of its 116 properties worldwide. This includes the group's renowned brands including Shangri-La, Kerry Hotels, Traders Hotels and Hotel Jen.
Just last week, the hotel chain started to allow Golden Circle members to book and check in any of its hotels through the Golden Circle mobile app.
Today, Golden Sands Resort celebrates the corporate-wide launching of The Table from Golden Circle. Golden Circle members may now accumulate points and redeem free meals at any of Shangri-La's 500 plus restaurants and bars worldwide. For members' convenience, the eateries are categorized into 5 "moods": Intimate, Elegant, Upbeat, Adventurous and Chill.
To celebrate the launching of The Table, Golden Sands Resort is hosting a 5-course dinner this evening. The meal takes us on a gastronomical journey through all 5 moods. Before dinner is served, guests are provided some brown bread with herb butter and paprika butter as bread spreads.
Dinner begins with Pan Seared Scallop to represent "Intimate". The first morsel is a slice of smoked salmon that is wrapped around ricotta cheese and topped with lumpfish caviar. Across the plate is a piece of premium Hokkaido scallop topped with basil leaf. Both delicacies are succulent indeed. The appetizer's plating also involves semi-dried tomatoes, avocado purée and honey coriander dressing.
The next dish, Lobster Bisque, stands for "Elegant". The rich soup is saturated with intense flavors of lobsters, making it a truly elegant experience. The bisque also includes a slice of baguette, which is topped with baby lobster and crispy nuts.
This is followed by Lemongrass Citrus Sorbet for "Upbeat". The tantalizing piquancy of lemons is balanced by moderating effect of lemongrass. Served with apple and pitaya (dragon fruit) relish, the sorbet is presented over a solid block of ice.
The main course this evening, Australian Beef Rossini, illustrates "Adventurous". This French recipe combines pan-fried beef tenderloin with duck liver and morel mushrooms. The steak is flanked by potato purée and asparagus, while the gravy is morel sauce. I really love the buttery aroma of liver; it is reminiscent of foie gras.
The fifth course, Chocolate Fudge, is meant to symbolize "Chill". The fudge is dense and rich, much to my palate's gratification. The center of the plate is filled with cookie crumble, mascarpone cream and assorted fruits. Last but not least, the plate is decorated with edible gold paint in the likeness of Golden Circle's logo.
Last but not least, guests are treated to an assortment of pralines and cookies. The former has white chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Served on a wooden board, the sugar confections conclude this evening's meal on a sweet note.
The Table is fully integrated with the Golden Circle loyalty program and is free to join. To start, download and install the Golden Circle's mobile app and start earning points automatically. Accumulated points do not expire and can be redeemed for rooms, meals and spa treatments. Redemption can be done through the app itself; no prior booking is required.
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