Cool Island

Special thanks to Cool Island for extending this food review invitation.

Cool Island's permanent shop is located at Sri Wonder Complex (Kompleks Sri Wonder) at Jelutong. It also operates a food truck that vends at several night markets throughout Penang Island: Macallum Street Night Market (Mondays), Tanjung Bungah Night Market (Tuesdays), Farlim Night Market (Wednesdays) and Perak Road Night Market (Fridays).
Several new snacks have been introduced since my previous visit. Besides Bubble Waffles (鸡蛋仔), Cool Island is also offering Jumbo Fries (巨霸薯条, RM8.00). The fries are not called "jumbo" for nothing; they measure as long as 30 centimetres each!
Several flavors of Jumbo Fries are available. The bestselling ones are BBQ, seaweed, cheese mayonnaise, mayo wasabi and Thai sweet & spicy. For instance, the cheese mayonnaise version has drizzles of cheese sauce and mayonnaise.
Coke Fried Chicken (韩国可乐炸鸡, RM10.00) is the ultimate finger food. The cup contains Coca-Cola about two-thirds full, while a compartment on top holds Korean fried chicken. This snack allows customers to enjoy chicken nuggets and soft drinks in a single cup. Customers can choose the fried chicken flavor. Recommended flavors are original, honey mustard and super spicy.
Egg Muffin (韩式蛋中蛋, RM6.00) is inspired by a Korean snack called "gyeran-ppang" (계란빵). The muffin is prepared using a special waffle iron with oblong slots. Batter is poured into the slots, followed by ingredients like eggs, chocolate or cheese.
The waffle iron is closed and the muffin is cooked for several minutes. Once done, two halves of the muffin become fused together, forming an oblong cake with filling at the center. Dark chocolate and cream cheese are some of the popular fillings for Egg Muffin.
Besides operating in night markets, Cool Island also participates in local charity fairs, school events and carnivals. For instance this evening, the food truck is joining the Chap Goh Meh celebration at Esplanade Penang (Padang Kota Lama). In addition, Cool Island also offers catering service for private events with 10 or more people.
Name: Cool Island
Address: Location varies from day to day
Contact: 016-400-6693
Business hours: 6:00pm-9:00pm, closed on Sundays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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