Special thanks to Pilipala By WoodmanZ for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Udini Square is a shopping mall next Tesco Penang. At the south entrance, Pilipala By WoodmanZ opens its doors for the first time today. This igloo-themed café pioneers a new concept which appeals to youngsters. By the way, "pilipala" is a Welsh word that means "butterfly".
Pilipala's coffee is brewed from a blend of Columbian and Brazilian beans. The best way to enjoy the house blend is through its Espresso (RM7.00). The coffee has rather high acidity despite using medium roast beans.
For a gentler beverage, try the Rose Latte (RM14.00) instead. The caffè latte has a hint of rose syrup for the soothing fragrance. The drink is served in a fancy teacup and is decorated with actual rose petals.
Iced drinks are particularly appealing on a sunny day. Pilipala's Asian Latte (RM16.00) and Blue Latte (RM16.00) each contains two shots of espresso. The latter comprises of three distinct layers: espresso, milk and butterfly-pea flower extract. These drinks are perfect for satisfying one's sweet tooth.
Matcha Boru (RM18.00) is similar to iced matcha latte but is prepared in a novel manner. The transparent glass starts with frozen matcha balls. Warm milk is poured into the glass, allowing frozen matcha to melt gradually and mix with the milk. Syrup is optional but is likely needed to counter the bitterness of pure matcha.
Next, the Pink Bunny (RM18.00) is prepared from homemade strawberry sauce, milk, ice cubes and strawberry ice cream. Served in a special glass with a smiley face on it, the drink is decorated with fresh strawberries to resemble bunny ears. Instead of ice cubes, I believe it is better to use a single large one for better enjoyment.
Pilipala also serves Hawaiian rice bowls called Poke. Three versions are available here: Shoyu Salmon (RM18.00), Sriracha Salmon (RM18.00) and Honey Herbs Chicken (RM15.00). Pilipala prepares the sauces from scratch in the kitchen. My personal favorite is Honey Herbs Chicken, but the other two are delectable too especially if you are fond of raw fish.
If you are in the mood for something lighter, Pilipala offers two types of toast: Pili Toast (RM17.00) and Pala Toast (RM17.00). For Pili Toast, the thick slice of bread is covered with signature matcha spread, and then topped with matcha ice cream and corn flakes. Meanwhile, Pala Toast contains mascarpone cream, sprinkles of cocoa powder, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
The Strawberry Croissant (RM15.00) is filled with fresh strawberries and homemade custard. The croissant has flaky texture and produces buttery sensation in the mouth. A light shower of icing sugar forms the finishing touch. At Pilipala, most condiments are prepared in-house.
A visit to Pilipala would be incomplete without relaxing in one of its iconic "igloos". Located outdoors, this al fresco setting is more viable once the sun has set. The evening lighting is mesmerizing indeed. Dining in one of these igloos requires minimum spending of RM30.00 per person.
Name: Pilipala By WoodmanZ
Address: B1-07, Udini Square, Lebuh Tengku Kudin 3, 11700 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-443-0303
Business hours: 11:00am-10:30pm (Monday-Friday), 11:00am-11:00pm (Saturday-Sunday)
Website: https://www.woodmanz.com
Coordinates: 5.37771 N, 100.31410 E
Directions: Pilipala is located at Level B1 of Udini Square, right at the mall's south entrance. Udini Square provides parking spaces at its basement levels.

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