Viet Food

Viet Food Cuisine Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant at Taman Kheng Tian, Jelutong. The restaurant is operated by ethnic Vietnamese, so I am expecting to see more authentic recipes here.
Stepping inside the eatery, the ambience here is rather homely. The walls of this family-friendly restaurant are covered by pinkish wallpapers and photos of popular landmarks in Vietnam.
Pho Bo (RM12.90) is a beef noodle dish that uses a type of flat rice noodle called "bánh phở". Unlike other recipes that I have tasted before, this version is quite reddish because it contains a number of spices. I love the rich taste of the soup.
Other ingredients in Pho Bo are beef slices, beef balls, bean sprouts and onions. The beef slices are quite tough, though. Lime juice and red chili peppers serve as condiments. Go easy with the chilies because they are extremely spicy.
Café Sua Nong (RM5.00) is a popular Vietnamese drink. It is prepared in a drip filter called cà phê phin. Hot water is poured over ground coffee in the filter. Brewed coffee trickles down to the glass below where it mixes with condensed milk. I appreciate the strong taste of Vietnamese coffee.
Viet Food has a small section which displays imported merchandise from Vietnam. Items on sale are coffee, rice paper (bánh tráng), bánh phở, bún (rice vermicelli), instant noodles and condiments.
Address: 9-1-15, Jalan Van Praagh, Taman Kheng Tian, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-560-9659
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm, closed on Thursdays

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