Special thanks to 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken for extending this food review invitation.

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken is a chain of quick service restaurants from Singapore. There are currently 6 outlets in Malaysia. All stores are located in Klang Valley except a sole one in Penang. This outlet in Gurney Paragon Mall occupies the former location of Caffé Bene at the Ground Floor.
The founders of 4FINGERS were inspired by Korean fried chicken in New York City. The recipe was subsequently modified with Asian-style seasonings to suit the local palate. The brand is called "4FINGERS" because the founders believe that everyone needs 4 fingers to tear their fried chicken apart.
4FINGERS uses the self-service model to save manpower. Each customer typically places an order at the front counter and is given a pager. When the pager beeps, the customer may collect food from the pick up counter. During my visit, food is served within 15 minutes upon ordering.
For starters, I opted for 1 Drumstick & 3 Wings (RM19.70 for combo meal). The chicken consists of 1 drumstick, 1 drumette and 2 wingettes. In addition, the combo meal also includes Skinny Fries and a soft drink. Skinny Fries can be served with seaweed or kimchi.
As for fried chicken, there are 2 seasoning choices: Soy Garlic and Hot & Spicy. Customers can also request for a combination of both. The Asian-inspired soy sauce is fermented for 5 months and does not contain any artificial flavoring. Meanwhile, the Hot & Spicy flavor packs a fiery punch of pungency; you have been warned!
Next, the Seafood Rice Box (RM16.90 for à la carte) contains battered calamari and shrimps that are fried to a scrumptious crisp. The rice box also includes kimslaw on the side. The word "kimslaw" is a portmanteau of "kimchi" and "coleslaw". At 4FINGERS, the kimslaw is fermented on-site every day.
The B.F.F. (RM15.00 for à la carte) is the bestselling chicken burger at 4FINGERS. The crispy chicken chop is sandwiched between halves of a sesame bun, and accompanied by fresh mushrooms and roasted garlic sauce. Like the fried chicken, the burger patty is available in either seasoning.
Moving on, the Chicken Katsu Sandwich (RM15.00 for à la carte) is prepared using fried Chinese buns (炸馒头). Inside each bun is 4FINGERS' signature chicken with a sizable portion of kimslaw and iceberg lettuce. Each serving comes in 2 pieces.
As for iced drinks, Signature Honey Yuzu (RM5.60) is prepared in a cocktail shaker. The drink's citrus tanginess makes it a perfect beverage to quench thirst.
All 4FINGERS outlets in Malaysia have halal certification. The franchise emphasizes on using fresh chicken and natural seasonings to prepare food. 4FINGERS does not use monosodium glutamate (MSG) or other artificial flavorings in its recipes.

Name: 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken
Address: L1.06, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-293-8741
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Website: http://www.4fingers.com
Coordinates: 5.43576 N, 100.31164 E
Directions: 4FINGERS is located at Level 1 of Gurney Paragon Mall. The restaurant is adjacent to Cho Dong Jib. Gurney Paragon has a multi-storey parking garage.

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