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This article is part of my 2018 Taiping and Kuala Sepetang trip series.

Special thanks to Novotel Taiping for extending this food review invitation.

Food Exchange is one of the two eateries in Novotel Taiping. Located at Level 7, Food Exchange serves Asian and Western cuisine. This is also where in-house guests are served breakfast every morning.
The dining section presents a relaxing setting for both casual and business meals. As a family-friendly restaurant, Food Exchange provides high chairs for the young ones. Meanwhile, diners who need some privacy can request to be seated in the private room.
Al fresco dining is also a viable option especially in the morning and evening. With scenic views of Taiping Lake Garden and Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) at a distance, the ambience here is pleasant indeed. The restaurant's extendable canopy keeps diners dry even when it rains, which is quite frequent in Taiping, the "Rain Town".
Food Exchange offers the Chinese Set Family Dinner on weekdays. There are 4 meal packages ranging from 2 persons (RM50.00 net) to 7-8 persons (RM180.00 net).
Diners can choose from a menu of 15 signature dishes. These homestyle dishes are prepared by a veteran Chinese chef with over 2 decades of culinary experience.
The meal starts with complimentary soup of the day. The Corn & Chicken Soup is soothing to the palate and helps to build appetite before the main dishes.
Nyonya Fish Curry With Lady Finger (娘惹咖喱鱼片) is one of the chef's strongest suits. The choice of fish is black pomfret, whose firmness goes well with the curry. The curry tastes spicy initially, but quickly reveals multiple layers of flavor. It also has a hint of sourness from tamarind.
Crispy Chicken With Thai Chilli Sauce (香酥炸鸡泰式酱) is one of our favorite dishes today. The chicken is marinated thoroughly, and then breaded and fried to golden perfection. The cutlet is served with sweet-and-spicy Thai chili sauce, plus cucumber, carrot and shallot shreds on top.
As for tofu, Steamed Beancurd With Dried Shrimp And Minced Chicken (虾米鸡粒蒸豆腐) is recommended. We appreciate the tofu's softness and its rich soy taste. The dish is garnished with fried enoki mushrooms, which not only improves the aesthetic but enhances mouthfeel too.
Fu Yong Omelette With Crab Meat (芙蓉蛋炒蟹肉) is a comfort food in Malaysian Chinese households. Besides crab meat, the omelette also contains assorted vegetables to enhance its juiciness. The omelette is surprisingly not too greasy; the right amount of oil is used to get the job done.
With a milder taste, Blanched Romaine Lettuce With Chicken Floss (鸡松蚝油生菜) serves as counterbalance to other dishes. This juicy vegetable dish is topped with fluffy chicken floss to impart some sweetness.
As for dessert, Tong Sui (雪耳龙眼糖水) is served with snow fungus and longan. The syrup's cooling sweetness is the perfect way to conclude the meal.
Food Exchange's Chinese Set Family Dinner also includes complementary rice and drinks. For the latter, cordial is usually served. The meal is complete in its own right, making it an affordable option for people who work in nearby offices. It is important to note that Food Exchange is a halal-certified restaurant.
Name: Food Exchange
Address: Novotel Taiping, 1, Jalan Tupai, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Contact: 05-820-8239
Business hours: 6:30am-10:30pm
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 4.85025 N, 100.74297 E
Directions: Novotel Taiping shares the building with Taiping Mall at Jalan Tupai. Food Exchange is located on Level 7. There is a multistorey parking garage inside the hotel.

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