Golden Bowl Cafetiam

Special thanks to Golden Bowl Cafetiam for extending this food review invitation.

Golden Bowl Cafetiam is a small eatery near Pasar Batu Lanchang (Batu Lanchang Market). Frequented by locals, the restaurant serves Western breakfast, noodle and fried chicken cutlet.
Curry Cheese Maggie (RM7.90) is one of the bestselling dishes here. While the curry is quite spicy, the sharp taste of cheddar cheese makes this dish really stand out. Also served with instant noodle are sausage, ham and fried egg.
Mushroom Breakfast Set (RM8.50) comprises of mushrooms, egg, two sausages, buttered toast and a slice of ham. The savoriness of sautéed mushrooms always appeals to my palate. As for the egg, customers can choose among omelette, scrambled and sunny side up.
For a nourishing breakfast, go for Organic Egg + Toast (RM4.00). I think it would be nice if the butter for toasts were slightly salted.
Hailing from Taiping, Hor Ka Sai (虎咬狮) is a peculiar combination of Kopi O and Milo. At Golden Bowl Cafetiam, the drink can be served hot, cold or ice-blended (RM4.90). Another unique drink here is Salted Cream Cheese Black Tea (RM5.90). Sipped through the foamy layer, the tea's gentle saltiness is quite soothing to my taste buds.
The food at Golden Bowl Cafetiam is very affordable and appeals to local residents. In addition to this location, the restaurant has 2 more outlets at New World Park and The Promenade. The menus at those locations are slightly different from the one here.

Name: Golden Bowl Cafetiam
Address: 9, Medan Penaga, Kampung Batu Lanchang, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-420-5387
Business hours: 7:30am-2:30pm, closed on Tuesdays
Coordinates: 5.38941 N, 100.30770 E
Directions: Golden Bowl Cafetiam is located at the junction of Lebuhraya Jelutong and Medan Penaga. Street parking is available in front of Central Park and Pasar Batu Lanchang (Batu Lanchang Market).

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