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Special thanks to Pony Tale De' Cafe for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Pony Tale De' Cafe is a restaurant-cum-café at SPICE Canopy, sandwiched between Sushi-B'rito and Bread History. Like its neighbors, Pony Tale has an elevated platform above its kitchen to provide additional dining space.
In effort to position itself towards corporate clientele, Pony Tale will be undergoing a rebranding exercise over the next few months. Most of its signature dishes and drinks will remain, while new ones will be introduced to suit the new theme. Today's event is meant to give a preview of the upcoming menu.
The event commences with Chunky Spicy Mexicana Soup (RM16.80), a tomato-based stew that contains chicken and mushrooms. Flavored with herbs, the soup is moderately spicy and is quite appetizing. Also included is a slice of garlic bread. I like how this dish is presented.
Pony Wild Wild Mushroom Soup (RM16.80) delights the palate with its pulpy consistency. Added to the delicacy are shimeji mushrooms and cream. The soup also comes with garlic bread.
Amazing Thai Salad With French Smoked Duck (RM23.80) comprises of leafy vegetables such as Romaine lettuce, arugula and red cabbage. Nevertheless, the main highlight is the five pieces of smoked duck. Tangy Thai-style dressing brings all ingredients together.
Sicilian Seafood Pumpkin Pot (RM38.80) is Pony Tale's most acclaimed dish. This seafood stew was inspired by a traditional recipe in Sicily, Italy. Seafood and tomato-based gravy are served in a hollowed-out pumpkin, which not only enhances the food's visual appeal, but also improves the soup's taste with its sweet flesh.
Making its debut today is Seafood Pasta De Pumpkin (RM35.80). Also served in a pumpkin bowl, this dish takes a creamier approach to delight the palate. The spaghetti is served with a thick sauce made from cream and pumpkin purée. Meanwhile, marine creatures like mussels, calamari and shrimps impart their rich flavors.
Pony Tale's forte in seafood is also highlighted in another pasta dish called Seafood Aglio Olio Angels Hair Spaghetti (RM29.80). The squid ink pasta is sautéed with olive oil and is cooked al dente, culminating in the perfect level of springiness. The dish comes with squids, shrimps, mussels and sun-dried tomatoes. As for presentation, a pair of chopsticks provides an Oriental touch.
The Pony House Beef Stew (RM35.00) is cooked to a point where the beef chunks have become sufficiently tender. Accompanying the savory chunks of beef are mashed potatoes (pomme purée), garden salad and garlic bread.
Still on the subject of red meats, the Lamb Loin (RM36.80) is seasoned with black pepper sauce. Side items are assorted vegetables, green mashed potatoes and pea sprouts. However, the aroma of pea sprouts is overpowering and may draw attention away from the lamb. In lieu of pea sprouts, I think asparagus is a safer bet.
Tunisian cuisine is represented by Grilled Baharat Chicken (RM26.80). The chicken is seasoned with harissa, a North African spice mix with considerably strong taste that should not to be trifled with. Side dishes are French fries and water spinach. Meanwhile, a rosemary sprig lends its lovely fragrance.
Mediterranean Sultana Chicken (RM24.80) takes advantage of the natural sweetness of raisins. The grilled chicken cutlet comes with French fries and mixed vegetables on the side. Given so many savory dishes so far, having a sweet one for a change is quite welcoming.
Seafood Pescatore (RM29.80) features a thick slab of sea bass. The fish has mild flavor of its own, hence it relies on the tangy taste of the Italian-style tomato-based sauce. As for texture, the fillet is gently grilled to retain its delectable juiciness.
Meanwhile for salmon lovers, the Norwegian Salmon With Classic French Dressing (RM32.80) is a sound choice. Lemon butter sauce and almond flakes are employed. Also served is a generous amount of fried potato wedges and garden salad.
As for finger foods, the Pony Seafood Basket (RM25.80) is ideal for sharing among 2 or 3 people. Battered seafood items are fish fingers, tempura prawns and squid rings. The snack contains French fries, salad and a dipping sauce too.
Moving on to dessert, Japanese Cotton Donut (RM12.80) is topped with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. I love the ice cream's slushy consistency. Although the doughnut has a soft texture, I feel that its taste is somewhat mild. The doughnut comes with a complimentary cup of Americano.
As for drinks, Chococado Espresso (RM22.80) is Pony Tale's most iconic beverage. The drink is meant to be enjoyed in 3 phases: creaminess of avocado, sweetness of ice cream and bitterness of espresso.
The Virgin Scottish Butter Beer (RM12.80) draws inspiration from a fictional beverage in the Harry Potter universe. Meanwhile, the Greenish Pony (RM15.80) is a testament that healthy drinks can taste good too.
Speaking of healthy drinks, Fruity Purple (RM18.80) is blended from purple carrots and ice. A scoop of vanilla ice cream provides the ideal level of sweetness.
Last but not least, Moo On The Rocks (RM18.80) is a milkshake with an infusion of fruits. A pair of frozen espresso cubes provides a mild bitter aftertaste. I prefer the milkshake to be less sweet in order to let the coffee stand out more prominently.
As Pony Tale's rebranding project is still under way, the final menu line-up is still up in the air. It is interesting to see how the restaurant looks like once rebranding is complete.

Name: Pony Tale De' Cafe
Address: 180-B-01-11, Setia SPICE Canopy, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-611-1319
Business hours: 9:30am-10:00pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/PonyTale.my
Coordinates: 5.32889 N, 100.27897 E
Directions: Pony Tale is located at SPICE Canopy, facing Jalan Tun Dr. Awang and Pisa Corner Cafe. There are parking spaces in front of the restaurant.

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