Special thanks to Sushi-B'rito for extending this food review invitation.

Sushi-B'rito is located at the ground floor of SPICE Canopy, right next to Pony Tale. The restaurant serves Japanese fusion cuisine. As its menu has been streamlined for speedy preparation, the eatery is quite popular among the lunch crowd.
Stepping inside, the restaurant gives a homely sense of coziness with a touch of modernity. The spacious dining area presents a family-friendly dining atmosphere.
Sushi-B'rito specializes in rice burger (ライスバーガー) and sushi burrito (すしブリトー). In addition, the menu also covers mainstream Japanese dishes such as udon (うどん) and donburi (丼). The food here is prepared using fresh ingredients; all sauces and seasonings are prepared from scratch in the kitchen.
The recommended rice burger here is Gyu Hanbagu (牛ハンバーグ, RM18.90). Made from genuine beef loin, the patty is glazed with savory beef gravy. The grilled patty is then sandwiched between two compressed rice cakes. Japanese short-grain rice is used, but unlike sushi, it is not laced with vinegar. The burger also contains seaweed (海苔), cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and caramelized onion. Overall, the beef patty is succulent to the last morsel.
Similar in the diameter to futomaki (太巻), Shake Batayaki (鮭のバタ焼き, RM17.90) is wrapped with seaweed because it is meant to be eaten by hand. Two types of salmon are used: butter-grilled salmon and smoked salmon. The sushi burrito is filled with vegetables and pickles too. A small amount of mint sauce provides the much-needed moisture. Overall, the snack's taste is perfectly balanced. However should customers prefer, soy sauce (醬油) and homemade sweet sauce are available too.
Mushroom lovers should really try the Kinoko Pesto Udon (キノコペストうどん, RM14.90). The noodle dish is topped with shiitake (椎茸), shimeji (占地) and button mushrooms. Other ingredients are onsen tamago (温泉玉子), cherry tomatoes, roasted walnuts and seaweed strips. The pesto sauce has a tantalizing aroma of basil. If you appreciate the earthy taste of mushrooms and walnuts, this dish is the perfect fit for you.
Sushi-B'rito's food is ideal for take-away. For all main dishes, customers may get an extra side dish and a drink for only RM3.00 more. This is a no-brainer since the drink itself costs more than that. It is also crucial to emphasize that Sushi-B'rito is a halal-certified restaurant. This is noteworthy as few Japanese restaurants are willing to go to such great lengths.
Name: Sushi-B'rito
Address: 180-B-01-12, Setia SPICE Canopy, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 018-948-6676
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.32884 N, 100.27889 E
Directions: Sushi-B'rito is located at SPICE Canopy, facing Jalan Tun Dr. Awang and Pisa Corner Cafe. There are parking spaces in front of the restaurant.

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