Pun Chun

In the heart of Bidor town is Pun Chun Restaurant (品珍酒楼). Operating since 1937, this eatery used to serve travelers before the North-South Expressway opened. The restaurant occupies two shops and is right next to Petai Lane.
Pun Chun Restaurant sells a wide range of merchandise. Several products are the restaurant's own brand. For many decades, Pun Chun Restaurant is renowned for its Chicken Biscuits (鸡仔饼) and Shai Kek Ma (萨骑马).
We ordered Char Siew Won Ton Mee (叉烧云吞面, RM8.50). This dish comes with barbecued pork (叉烧) and dumplings (云吞). Unfortunately, the won ton noodle does not have the desired springiness. Worst of all, the soy sauce is rather bland; it does not bring out any flavor whatsoever. The only way to make this dish palatable is by using lots of pickled chili peppers.
Taro Puffs (芋角, RM2.60 each) are filled with ground pork. I think the puffs are way overcooked. I prefer the filling to be moist and soft. The puffs are certainly not my cup of tea.
While the tidbits at Pun Chun Restaurant are commendable, the food taste leaves a lot to be desired. To make matters worse, the waiting time is ridiculously long. This is partly due to the restaurant's disorganized ordering process. Considering its pricing, I feel that Pun Chun Restaurant's fame is grossly overrated.

Address: 40, Jalan Besar, 35500 Bidor, Perak
Contact: 05-434-1554
Business hours: 6:00am-8:00pm


  1. Please revisit to try the noodles and the dark sauce. We have made improvements to sure the noodles are consistently springy, and the sauce more flavourful.
    As for the taro puffs, they are made the traditional way for many years. It is very popular. We are sorry to hear it is not to your liking but we appreciate your feedback.

  2. We have made improvement to make sure our noodles have that springy texture. We are one of the very few places with pure egg noodles. The dough is made using a bamboo pole, and the texture is of the mee is very fine. The sauce is not bland anymore. So please give us another try.

    1. Thanks for responding. I will check out again during my next trip to Bidor. :-)