Restoran New Le Tian

Restoran New Le Tian (新乐天餐室) is nighttime eatery in Alor Setar. It occupies an old shop across the street from Masjid Nagore. Each evening, there is a long queue of take-away customers; some people buy tens of packets at a time. Fortunately for us, the restaurant prioritizes dine-in customers.
Restoran New Le Tian is famous for its Fried Yin Yong (炒鸳鸯, RM7.00 for medium portion). This dish uses a mixture of tua ban (大板) and rice vermicelli (米粉). Tua ban is somewhat similar to koay teow (粿条) but is wider.
The noodles are dry-fried using a charcoal-fired stove, and then drenched with thick, starchy gravy. Fried Yin Yong also contains pork slices, pork liver and choy sum (菜心). Overall, the dish resembles Cantonese-style Wat Tan Hor (滑蛋河) but without eggs.
Alor Setar's style of Fried Yin Yong is seldom found elsewhere. For people who have not tasted this dish before, I recommend that you do so. If possible, visit the restaurant earlier in the evening to beat the dinner crowd. If you need to place a large order, call during the day so that the restaurant can prepare your order ahead of time.

Address: 30, Jalan Langgar, 05460 Alor Setar, Kedah
Contact: 016-466-4834
Business hours: 5:00pm-11:00pm

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