Thor Corr Phou Zi

Thor Corr Phou Zi (土库铺子) is a local eatery at the ground floor of Taman Serendah flats. The shop is somewhat hidden from plain view. Its signature dish is fish meat curry mee, which is perhaps the first of its kind in Penang.
As expected, this hidden café is largely patronized by local residents. Despite its peculiar location, the restaurant is decorated rather elegantly. Besides three dining tables near the kitchen, there are more dining spaces towards the back of the shop.
Thor Corr Signature Fish Meat Curry Mee (RM9.90) comes with a scoop of chili paste. When mixed with the soup, the spiciness level is intense indeed. Meanwhile, the choice of fish varies from day to day; today it is grouper. Other ingredients are hard-boiled eggs, okra (lady's fingers) and tomatoes.
Thor Corr Signature Coffee (RM5.50) is served in a special mug. Nestum multigrain cereal is sprinkled on top the drink. When stirred thoroughly, the coffee has a grainy consistency that is rather unique. This drink can be served cold too.
Thor Corr Phou Zi also serves English breakfast and toast, but I do not have the stomach capacity to taste them today. As for beverages, other special ones are Teh Tarik Halia and Brokeback Mountain (Milo Dinosaur).

Address: 5-G-02, Solok Sungai Pinang 2, 11600 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 019-541-1661
Business hours: 7:30am-2:00pm, closed on Fridays

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