Wembley Cafe

Special thanks to The Wembley for extending this food review invitation.

Wembley Cafe is the main eatery of The Wembley, a 4-star hotel in the heart of George Town. Located at Level 2, the restaurant serves buffet lunch and dinner on selected days of the week. On Thursday and Friday, the theme is "Grill, Rotisserie & Seafood Medley". Meanwhile on Saturday and Sunday, "Japanese & Seafood Galore" are featured.
For the entire month of July 2019, Wembley Cafe is incorporating durian desserts into its buffet menu. These delicacies include Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Swiss Rolls, Durian Crumble Tarts, Durian Cheese Tarts and Durian Profiteroles. The taste of durian is satisfying indeed.
Durian lovers can indulge in Durian Dumplings too. Filled with sweet durian paste, the crispy dumplings come with vanilla sauce in a separate bowl. I think vanilla sauce is unnecessary as durian paste has done a great job. And if you enjoy soupy desserts, go for Pengat Durian too!
I highly recommend Durian Crème Brûlée too. The custard base is infused with durian, producing a gratifying taste that tantalizes the taste buds. Upon ordering, the custard is dusted with brown sugar, which is then caramelized with a butane torch. Strawberries and gooseberries serve as garnishes.
As for Asian tapas, today's choices are samosas, curry puffs, mantou, crackers and satay. A bowl of sweet, creamy durian sauce is prepared. The dipping sauce is most likely meant to go with mantou.
The soup section deserves special mention too. Double Boiled Ginseng Soup contains chicken and fish maw; the latter has a unique texture that absorbs herbal flavors from the soup. On the other hand, Light Curry Spiced Pumpkin Chowder is a creamy soup with soothing aroma of spices.
Moving to the carvery section, Roast Lamb Leg is cooked to medium doneness, allowing the lamb to have a pink, juicy center. The lamb is served with grilled vegetables and herb brown sauce.
In addition, the buffet spread includes chafing dishes like Slow Braised Lamb Short Ribs. The ribs are flavored with thick, savory gravy that delights the palate. Meanwhile, potatoes and carrots serve as counterbalance to the heavily seasoned lamb.
Moving to seafood, Wok-Fried Clams are cooked with the chef's signature Milanese sauce. The sauce has a tantalizing peppery taste. Also worth tasting are Steamed Half Shell Scallops and Mantis Shrimps With Kung Po Sauce.
I am quite impressed with the Pasta With Asian Prawn Bisque. Spaghetti is cooked al dente, and then served with whole prawns and savory shrimp stock. Fresh herbs are sprinkled on top for the refreshing aroma.
As for Mediterranean cuisine, couscous has a soft and crumbly texture reminiscent of white rice. Today's Greek Chicken Couscous is cooked with chicken, onions and chestnuts.
In addition to durian-flavored pastries, the desserts section covers sweet confections like Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake and Lemon Sponge Cake.
Wembley Cafe's buffet lunch and dinner are priced at RM72.00 and RM122.00 net respectively. Children and senior citizens enjoy discounted prices. If buffet is not your cup of tea, the restaurant also offers an à la carte menu around the clock.
Meanwhile, the Lobby Lounge sells Durian Cake by the slice (RM12.00). This promotion is also valid throughout the month of July 2019.
Name: Wembley Cafe
Address: 183, Jalan Magazine, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-259-8123
Business hours: 24 hours
Website: https://www.stgileshotels.com/hotels/malaysia/penang/stgiles-wembley/wembley-cafe
Coordinates: 5.41311 N, 100.32989 E
Directions: The Wembley is located at Magazine Road (Jalan Magazine), just opposite of Hotel Jen and 1st Avenue Mall. Wembley Cafe is located at Level 2 of the hotel. There is a multilevel parking garage at the hotel. Patrons to Wembley Cafe can get their parking tickets validated for free.

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